5 months ago

The Korean Fried Chicken scene in SG has a growing list & MoM's Touch have just added substantial weight to this Category. The 1st main outlet is at PLQ Mall. Another "Pop Up" Outlet have sprang up on the western side of SG, located at the now defunct Hawker QSR former premise at level 4 of NUH Medical Ctr Wing. Now it also cater to walk-in customer(for dine in) on top of delivery & take-out(as told by the one-woman-ran stall). This "outlet" has no crowd at the moment, mainly because QSR interior fixture still intact. We tried: BULGALBI CHICKEN BURGER $5.70/ala-carte $8.20. The sweet mayo in it was the star of this for me, the patty was kinda thin though but wasn't tough at all. MOM'S THIGH BURGER $5.70/ala-$8.20. Chicken Thigh meat used for this patty? Probably so, as they is volume to this one. Same as the previous burger, the sweet mayo came through well. MOM'S SPICY SAUCE CHICKEN $3.80 per piece. The Intimidating Red sauce coated onto the Crispy Crust Chicken was truly addictive after several licks. Hot & Sweet. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm. Yummy. Inside was tender, outer skin was crispy. Better than the burger. The Fries taste like Cut-Up Wedges. Not bad. No Dessert at this outlet. Kinda wanting to try their Sundae especially the Boba w/ vanilla & Black Sesame. That's all for now. Happy eating!