Carrie Doll Kinesiology

5 months ago

I said ‘That was lovely! I haven’t heard you play that one before’ He said ‘Me neither! ‘ He made up this little tune on the spot! 🎼 . Mr.R is a jazz piano player. He has played at Centre in the Square amount other venues! Parkinson’s has changed his dexterity in his left hand. We have worked on the strength, flexibility and mobility of both hands. His piano playing has really benefited!!! We have fun trying out different songs, playing by ear, testing his memory of different songs, talking about the significance of some songs! . Sometimes it’s not about standing or walking, sometimes it’s about being able to get back into activities that once brought a lot of joy! 🎹 . #kinesiology #kinesiologist #mobilekin #withakinyoucan #jazzpiano #exerciseismedicine #joyofmovement #parkinsons #wrawesome #kwawesome #wellness #exercise #piano




5 months ago