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@chapmancrafted King Of Candy Peanut Butter Cup Pastry Stout. 12.5%. — I’m not a Stout guy. Just have never been able to get into them. Many of my craftbeer friends tell me it’s because I’ve never had a great Stout and once I do, I’ll change my loyalty. I’m not so sure about that. I love my hops, my hazy IPAs and DIPAs and my West Coast stuff. However every now and then I grab a Stout. Today is one of those days. It’s cold (for Southern California) and raining so King Of Candy from @chapmancrafted seemed like a good choice. Peanut Butter? Cacao Nibs? Vanilla & Lactose? Sounds good on paper (or the label) so let’s see how it is in physical form. I’m a @chapmancrafted fan. Like what @wilartdee and the gang is doing there and enjoy sampling their various beers. Always into the supporting the local guys so this is a no-brainer for me. Jet black in the glass, a little thin in body with minimal carbonation. Very little tan head that disappears quite quickly. The nose is boozy with roasted malt and very noticeable sweetness. As noted on the pour, this beer is a little thin in the mouth. It’s creamy and incredibly sweet up front, but tastes almost flat. No carbonation present. I’m getting roasted malt, vanilla and lactose sweetness, but I’m not getting any peanut butter (bummer as that is what attracted me to this beer). The booze is noticeable initially, but is very dominant on the backend and lingers well after the swallow. You could light your breath on fire with the alcohol vapors that remain in your mouth. Great price point for a high ABV Stout, but this one didn’t translate from paper to glass for me. I really wanted peanut butter (as I love it), but it just wasn’t least for me. — #chapmancrafted #chapmancraftedbeer #kingofcandy #pastrystout #stoutbeer

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I always get SO stoked to see peanut butter in a stout and rarely do they actually impress me. Always fun to try though. Cheers dude! 🍻

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Peanut Butter would have been my draw here too... we cannot hit them all @insearchofhoppiness appreciate the continued honest reviews!

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Drooling on my phone here🍺🙌🤤🤤

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Honestly a huge disappointment when buying a beer expecting a certain experience when looking at flavour and not getting it😢

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