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4 months ago

Photo by No BS In Property on December 14, 2019.

Always check the latest plans. These are for the 10 flat conversion we are doing. (The new builds and amendments will follow) Noteworthy points: 1. Check what you requested has been done. Here we have a lot of discrepancies between what we requested and what we got. A meeting next week is scheduled to resolve this. 2. Ensure your build team are capable and able to carry out this work. For us we are fortunate they have done much bigger projects and this is a walk in the park for them. As a result we have arranged a meeting for them to come onto site next week with our designer where we can resolve issues. 3. Don’t just take an experts opinion as gospel. Sometimes things can innocently get lost in translation. Here there is unnecessary removal of solid walls which will increase the costs and their are many partitions and entrances made that aren’t necessary. The current building can maintain 95% of its structure and outline. This will reduce labour time and cost. 4. Be open to new suggestions. We have amended many things since we first reviewed this site in March 2019. Never be stubborn with your thoughts & opinions & always focus on the success of the goal rather than how you look. Roll on next week! Have a great weekend everyone #property #architecture #properties #propertymanagement #propertydeveloper #propertydevelopment #propertyinvestment #propertyinvestor #investing #realestate #houses #flats #conversions #buildings #cashflow #wealth #build #rent #landlord #commercialrealestate #profit #refurbished #refurbishment #refurbs #renovations

Photo by No BS In Property on December 14, 2019.