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9677 E. Stockton Blvd - Places nearby

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☕️ Realizing that in some situations, the most effective way to show love is to listen. Not bombarding someone with my opinions or advice. Even though, that’s how I receive love. That’s not everyone. Working on giving a listening ear and being patient. I want to be better at loving my peers.


Adding this to my favorite coffee shops, pretty atmosphere and great coffee.👌🏻☕️🌿 #tumblr #aesthetic #coffee #latteart



Cars and coffee 💙


“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can't survive.” -Breńe Brown | If you were to tell me last year that I’d be doing life with a tribe of 15+ fierce & fearless women, I would’ve probably laughed in your face and told you, “you’ve lost your mind.” But God wrecked this reckless, dirt wrestling, elbow-scraping, tomboy into a woman full of poise, purpose, and passion. However, in order to do so, God knew I needed other women in my life to lift me up, speak life into my soul, and battle lies I believed on my behalf. I am who I am today because of the Grace of God, and the countless women who had the courage to share their stories that helped me find healing in my own. The two greatest lies any woman can tell herself is that, “I am alone in my struggles and suffering” + “I am not enough.” Ladies — We are NOT ALONE, and we ARE ENOUGH. We are all running a race, and though our paths might look different, we run to receive a baton only to pass it along to another. Your relationships with other women should not be a “competition”, but rather a “community”. YOU MATTER, but so does THE GIRL NEXT TO YOU. For all my ladies reading this... I LOVE YOU + THANK YOU for being my TRIBE. ✊🏼💗


I rather be late & happy, than just late. 😬


one of my fans took this pic while I was making their drink ;-)))


How excited we get when we have coffee in our hands & someone else to take pictures of us😂 thanks @richeerich23 for being our third wheel. L'soml🖤☕️✨


Carmel sea salt cream cold brew! I ordered this drink this morning and the owner says, ‘it’s on me today’. This is the kindness of God! He knows how to make his kids smile. Thank you Jesus! #18gramscoffee #jesusknows #sermonprep #elkgrove #letsdothis #coldbrew


When @18grams.eg starts a trend and asks you to be #BehindTheCup ☕️ . Introducing miss Yvonne Nguyen! . Go-to drink: Drax Thai Tea . I was raised in Sacramento but my food journey began at UC San Diego, with my roommates turned best friends. Our foodie adventures led to all of us becoming Yelp Elites (aka fatties), which led to the discovery of the magic of soup dumplings at this tiny mom and pop shop called Dumpling Inn. We would each order our own steamer of XLB’s, absolutely no sharing allowed, and it would become a competition on who successfully consumed their dumpling without breaking it first. That’s where the obsession began. After graduating college, I moved back to Sacramento and worked for an optometrist as I was applying to optometry school. While waitressing as a side gig, I found myself on the other side of the table providing the happiness that I felt when I would consume a delicious meal and it felt amazing. That’s why when the opportunity arose to open a dumpling shop with my now fiancé, I knew we had to introduce soup dumplings to Elk Grove. Through Journey to the Dumpling, my two partners and I have been able to build a solid happy place where people can enjoy a great meal with the people they love, whether it be a family reunion, a girls night out, date night, business meeting or lunch after church. And I can say the same for 18 Grams! As Elk Grove continues its growth, I’m so proud to be a part of this community! . @journeytothedumpling .


Becoming a homeowner isn’t as complicated as you think 🏡. . Call or text me anytime to learn more about the benefits homeownership 📲 916-804-5691 🏡🔑 #renters #firsttimehomebuyer #homeowner #stoprenting #sacramentorealestate #realtorlife #lovemyjob #sacsmillennialrealtor #callstevetoday📲🏡


Getting this trip started... #ridingharleys #harleysonly #flatblackandchrome


18 Grams is one of the best trendy and delicious coffee shops in Elk Grove! They offer a wide variety of drinks and super delicious pastries and treats. Go follow @18grams.eg! #elkgrove #elkgrovecoffee #elkgroveca #elkgrovecalifornia #elkgrovefoodie #elkgrovefood #elkgrovedrinks #elkgroveeats #elkgrovebusiness #localelkgrove #coffeeshop #yum