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9677 E. Stockton Blvd - Places nearby

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I love it when people drink coffee during finals week because it gives them a taste of how I live year round ☕️


found this gem of a dress in a vintage shop and it has quickly become my favorite 💫 can we clap two times for thrift stores 👏🏽


Cars and coffee 💙


You already know. Nice weather for some coffee.☕️ RAIN OR SHINE!☔️🙋‍♂️


Sorry mamma


Don't let the cloudy sky fool you... it's still hot out!! Come cool off with a Gunther's fruit freeze✨ #18grams


“Whatever the problem, be part of the Solution” - @randall_pich 💯 ———————————————————- [Long Story Heads Up] I always get asked why do I work so hard and how do I do it. I do go to school while working two jobs and make time to get my workout in every day. My goal isn’t just to buy my family a home that they can call theirs; I also have another goal which keeps me motivated because it inspires me to help inspire others who don’t always have people looking out for them. Growing up I wasn’t just a child but I was also my mother’s right hand when my dad was at work. You see my mother struggles with the English language, my brother is autistic. I always accompanied my mom to my brother’s appointments at Doctors offices. I was 8 years old translating medical terms to my mom and if I didn’t know the translation I would ask the Doctor for a full definition (Yes there was an official translator at the time but my mom wanted to have someone who for sure was looking out for my little brother) Anyways I realized at a young age that people with disabilities aren’t always treated right. My brother is part of the reason I am who I am today. I work freaking hard because I want to start a Scholarship foundation that awards students with disabilities to pursue a college education so they can show that they are more than what society says they can be. I want to help students in Sacramento/Elk Grove Unified School district because I want to thank them for treating my brother like a “normal” person regardless of being autistic. For encouraging my brother to be more and that he can in fact do more. That’s why I work so dang hard because I want to give others that same opportunity that my brother was given. My brother is 18 and graduating this year from MTHS and is attending college in the fall. -If you read this, thank you! 💕


make that a double shot


😍 aaaaaand got to see a good friend who I haven’t seen in years!!!! So good to see you Mary!!!! ❤️


Good coffee and nice vibes. Location : Elk Grove, California Price: $4.25 Parking : Yes #cafemundee #californiamundee #usamundee #cafe #coffeeshop


When you run into your cousin at @18grams.eg !! Treated him to some good ‘ol coffee today! @cdb828 for those of you who ask, “Don’t you know someone who’s a barber?” 👉🏼 @chriscutfadez


Tea Lattè Art 💕 Sharing stories and life with a wonderful friend, encourager, and supporter! As busy as she is, she still finds time to sit down with me and have a cup of tea together! I’m so blessed by her! 🙌


There is just something about this Union...can’t explain it but know it’s a foreva kind of thing! Libra sister time well spent! Love you Tash oh and can someone teach me how to remember to use a saucer 😂 #womeninbusiness #lifeisbeautiful


Fuel the soul. ❤️☕️


1987 ☕️ ••••••••••••••••••••••••• 📍: 18 Grams - Elk Grove, CA 📸: @ashleymariko


When a coffee shop has this as decor in their bathroom you know they’re serious about their craft. By the way this is one of the only times you will see me take photos in a bathroom. #18gramscoffee