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Definitely not where I want to be but on my way. Two a days.


Make your vote count! >>link in her profile bio<< Model: @abivorhies @barista.abi


Post workout🐰🐰


January 2017-May 2018 Trying to secure the bag and build a future. (❤️ bc my pants still had the tag) #ilikebackday 😁


Had a good workout with NotMyHusband Garrett (apparently I need to clarify that as it’s come to my attention that some may be confused about that - even folks who I’d think would understand), albeit a light one due to the shoulder issues. But it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so here goes. 😉


I was told I wouldn't be able to maintain my lifestyle once I started college. Then I was told I wouldn't be able to maintain it when working full time. Not only did I maintain it both as a student and as a corporate, but I made the best gains while doing so. Bottom line- if you want something, and I mean really want something, there is nothing that can stand in your way. First progress pic of 2015 😁. -----------------


Everyday I find my 🛸 #powerlifting #weightlifting #bodybuilding . Fear of dropping the weight is my only spotter . #squats 320x3x5 (3rd set) #deadlift 355x3x5 (3rd set) BW: 164.2lbs


"I use it to carry chalk, my wallet, keys. I used to be skinny, you know, and one day I said I didn't want to be skinny anymore. So I started working out, and it sort of became a personal project of mine. I broke my back two years ago, so now I'm just trying to regain full function, becoming more functional than I've ever been is the goal right now." ~Preston 🏋


When you realize you wear the same outfit to dance almost every time... #habit


Today I hit 395 for 6!! So excited to see what I hit in 3 weeks at #usaplnationals2018 . I'm still having a little trouble losing my last few lbs but I hope as my volume goes down and my body isnt desperately trying to hang on to all its resources I will drop that last little bit. Feeling like a MACHINE and I'm ready for anything! #deadlifts #usapowerlifting #usapl #63kg #rawnationals #strongwomen #juststrong #girlswhopowerlift #powerliftingwomen #gwpl #barbellbabes #roadto500 @cdgire


Gratuitous after shower gym selfie 🐺😝 #beard #wolfpup #lockerroom #vpl #collaredwolf #lumberkween #happy #fetishlife #summerbulking


Can someone explain to me the benefits of brushing one’s teeth with honey. Just washing my hands at the gym and watched a man put his tooth brush in to a giant jar of raw honey and the brush🤷🏻‍♀️🤔🤪



G @g_zdr going to failure