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Can you tell which leg is weaker?? Balance ✔️ Stability ✔️ Strength (Getting there) 😒✔️ TWO WEEKS UNTIL I RUN. _________ #TinyLeg #CoreWork #WeirdGymVideos #Progress


Post workout🐰🐰


BULLSHIT DONT STOP THE REAL BUD HEADS DOIN WHAT I DO IM N SEATTLE WASHINGTON @dpgbuds @seattles.privatereserve @salamwreck @biggadpg


Before meeting Kevin I had never stepped into a gym before and I consider myself 100% lazy. Finally, in October 2013, and following Kevs steps, I decided to Join the gym with my friend @carlospdraza in Bogota. Ever since then I’ve been trying to keep active and keep hitting the gym. Even though I don’t go as often as I want/should, it’s been, without doubt, the best 4 years ever! I feel so much more energized, stronger 💪🏽and just better in every possible way. Don’t wait til New Years, start now! Your body will thank you later😛🤗🤓 📸by @deya_8914 #seattle #fitness #colombia #nofilter #gym


Loving getting back into the gym as much as I've been and able to push myself at 100%. Wish I could do more leg wise but still quite a ways from being able to do that. #rehab #workouts #gettingbacktoit💪 #postselfie


I was told I wouldn't be able to maintain my lifestyle once I started college. Then I was told I wouldn't be able to maintain it when working full time. Not only did I maintain it both as a student and as a corporate, but I made the best gains while doing so. Bottom line- if you want something, and I mean really want something, there is nothing that can stand in your way. First progress pic of 2015 😁. -----------------


There's no better feeling than being able to look in the mirror and smile at the person you've become. Choose the hard way - it's always the most fulfilling 💯. Don't forget to subscribe to my #YouTube channel (link in the bio).


Was doing deadlifts, with long rest, so I thought let's take a pic 🤣..... #swole #fitness #gym #workout #gymrat #pride #power #24hrfitness #seattle


Workout done. Time to take action towards my goals! 💯💯💯 if you want to be the best you have to beat the rest! #notaverage #noexcuses #bethechange #inspire #driven #burpees #beastmode #usa #usaf #plantbased #positivevibes #outstanding #relentless #10x #cardio #hustle #greatness #gymjones #fitmind #ditlife #spartan #elite #crossfit #hybridathlete #onwisconsin #boba #ocr


1rm deadlift, 1.8x body weight


Finding my 1rm... 1.6x body weight


Whew. first full week down getting back I to the routine. 20 min on the elliptical, and hour on the weights, 30 on the bike. Not counting the morning set of pushups squats, and 20 min cardio workout. Not back to my level last year but it'll come. now for a shower.


What’s up! ✌🏻Here’s a video of me eating 💩 • It’s always been really hard for me to fail. Since starting yoga three months ago, I’ve failed a lot. Which has been really good for me. • The harder I’ve failed, the more I’ve improved. But I only fail the hardest when I commit 100%. • I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time. But with things like inversions, I just go for it, then figure out how to improve. • I’m also learning to handle my expectations. I’m not going to be doing crazy poses or handstands right away. And it’s incredibly arrogant to think I’ll be able to just do something that people have been practicing for years. • But I also know I’ll eventually get where I want to if I keep working hard and keep failing. If you want to get better at anything. You have to fail. So fail hard, fail fast, and stick with it. • 👊🏻🙏🏻


You know what Friday means! #fitfam #flexfriday #chestday #endtheweekstrong


After last weekend and matches at @321battle and @thewcwc I'm finally feeling fit again! Today's workout started at the top: neck, shoulders, and mullet. • • • #MuscleConfucius #MintConditioning #DaddyDimples #Fitspo


This month we've been messing around with variable resistance. I was super skeptical of incorporating bands and "unnecessary" and "fancy" equipment to my basic lifts. Turns out it's amazing! From the first try I was like, 💡👆🏼😯"now I see why people do this!" I can't wait to see how this will help out in competition in February! Here are deficit deadlifts at 255 with small bands for 5. ALSO!!! Super shoutout to ma girl @allison.k.ormsby for having an extra shirt and letting me borrow it! #powerlifting #powerlifter #deadlifts #girlswhopowerlift #girlswhodeadlift #heavydeadlift #variableresistance #deadliftsanddoughnuts #notacubsfan #grrrlarmy #grrrlpower @cdgire