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With shirt on...or... Con camiseta...o... #fitness #gym #leanmuscle


Last night!!!!


Bamboo legs 🎋 #thisisntevenmyfinalform


Progress is being made. I can’t lie lately haven’t been super motivated to hit gym as consistently as I was before but I been pushing me self. A lot of personal stuff happening with friends and family and gym kinda saved me and kept me sane. I’m going just keep pushing and stay positive and trust in Jehovah. Y’all keep that negativity away thanks. #nct #gymlife #fitness #fitnessmotivation


Un dia de relax en el @24hourfitness con la compañia de @nerdynorth y @angelodnobrega


Let’s Go Canes


Up at 3:40am gym by 4:20am. Workout buddies were no shows. I dug deep planted my seeds alone. This garden is going to flourish! Realize that everyone has their own goals, yours are not theirs and theirs are not yours. Your motivation has to come from within. Others can inspire but only you can motivate you.


First workout back and Im still alive😩 😓 #7weekspostpartum #fitmom #snapback


Brand New Body Challenge info!! . Hey beautiful girls!! I am so excited for Day 1 of our program . 😀Throughout the next 8 weeks please check into my stories for tips, workouts or common questions answered. . . Thanks for tuning in to IG LIVE today! All of the Q&A is posted on my FB /IndiaPaulino. . A few things. . •The download link for the program is provided on the "thank you for your purchase" page. It is also sent to your email. . •The macro guide is a guide/example you can change up the foods and amounts OR follow it as is. :) . •This is not a program to attempt to fix your metabolism. If your calories were super low before Brand New Body then this program may be more helpful in getting you at a better starting point health wise so that you ARE able to lose the weight that you want. IF no health issues are involved. . •If you are looking for a more interactive or customized program check out the coaching program on INDIAPAULINO.COM . • Who's excited!!?! I am 😍IG LIVE UPLOADED TO FB /IndiaPaulino


Heres a cheer to a MEAN arm day superset, highly recommended 🤞🏽👑


I use to love basketball.. played it everyday trying to keep my hoop dreams alive. When I decided to move on it was hard but I knew this was not the plan for my life. Deep down I will be forever grateful for what 🏀 has done for my life! I miss my first love 😢... - - P.S. I have on the @kgsapparel Shirt on! I think that is the only reason why I was making my shots 🤣 🎥: @jarvgraham


Hate on the low But we Fly High, Talk is Cheap like Free Wifi 📶📞- @myfabolouslife #different #ownlane #levelup #trainer #championships #uptownvibes #kingcode #👑r


Consistency means productivity 💯


Chest and triceps. Nothing fancy, just got it done 📸 @nahueldeez #grinddontstop #apemanstrong #powerbuilding #getbettertoday


Murder Monday✔ I'm happy to be up in weight now stand at 165 lbs. When I started my journey I was a 126 lbs stick figure, now 165 lbs with some mass. Never give up! #24HourFitness #Fit #Fitness #Ink #Inked #Tattoo #Tattoos #Colombian #Colombiano #Chest #Abs #Obliques #Shoulders #Motivation #Dedication #WorkHard #GoHard #NeverGiveUp #TeamGat #Lift #Weight #Flex #Muscle #Gains #Beard #Athletic #Physique #Swole #Miami


New PR with 195 # ! Always celebrate the lil victories because life s too short. Happy dance over here! #24hourfitness #fitover40


Keep hitting the gym