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404 Abercorn St, Meets Corner of Abercorn St and Jones St Savannah - Places nearby

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Night and day versions of a couple of haunted houses... notice the 🔵 in the first picture! #savannahgeorgia


6th Sense in Savannah, GA 🌳


I ain’t afraid of no 👻! Okay, maybe this one. And aside from the shower head that Adrian absolutely swears he saw move, their wasn’t too much paranormal activity on this trip. However, Jeremiah from the @6thsenseworld was amazing and made this haunted tour fun and extremely informative. 432 Abercorn: This haunted house has been researched time and time again for its mysterious history, although details have proven difficult to find. The house was built in 1868 for General Benjamin J. Wilson, a veteran of the Civil War. The General’s wife succumbed to yellow fever, leaving him to raise their daughter alone in the four-level house. Legend had it, in one of his drunken stupor she tied his daughter to a chair facing the window on the top floor of the house. Left there to watch the neighborhood children play, she baked in the sun and died within hours. Her spirit still haunts this abandoned house. #sugarstaradventures #sarahandadrian #travelcouple #travelblogger #ilovetotravel #canonphotography #canonphotography #wanderlust #savannah #ghosttour #432abercorn #6thsenseghosttours #6thsenseworld #hauntedhouse



They dyed the water pink today in the fountain for A Good Cause and I waited until dark to take a shot of it so you can't see it because it actually looked kinda creepy. #savannah #strolling #goodideaonpaperanywayiguess #fountain #forsythparkia #whenthateveningsungoesdown