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The only sun we saw we saw today


Summer throwbacks - - - - - - - #hydro #cleangreen #a6300


Сегодня первый раз остановилась сфотографировать овечек за два месяца. 😂😂😂 только они все разбежались...


Off to chase some more Moo Moos around the Otago area today🐮


Day 2


Sadly not angulas, but incredible local west coast whitebait make for a special birthday treat


OMG! What is this incredible place?😦 It is Central Otago, New Zealand 🇳🇿 The landscape of New Zealand's Central Otago region is marked by picturesque mountains and valleys. April is autumn there, and visitors flock to the wine-growing region to witness the trees and vines transform from green to fiery red, orange, yellow, and golden brown. The crisp autumn climate makes it perfect for an afternoon hike or bike ride as you admire the nature in this far-flung destination. #travel #traveling #trip #flight #deals


The background is beautiful, I could be ignored!!!! 😂😂 #nz #lake #blue #igers #insta #dayoff #beauty #green #picoftheday #nature #l4l #sahi


How goods beers and boats 🍻🚤


Roxburgh gorge cycle trail # carved from schist rock # follows the mighty Clutha river # Central Otago beauty #


rainy days and grey skies💭💤🌧


Judge Rock’s 2014 Pinot is amazing, no reason to refuse to buy it~~~~


Pencil drawing today 😛


James lasted creation for garage. Electrified wood... for around the power box !


Today I had to go to court so drove 45 mins just for them to tell me as soon as I got in there “oh no we’ve heard about this , no charges or fines for you, we’ll drop the whole thing , just sign here “ 🚓📑 . Great news but I didn’t actually have to go into court at all so what a waste of petrol 😂🙄


Something to think about! He’s right you know..... I plan to spend the rest of my life like this! Some people might not appreciate this but we are not here to please everyone else, so say what you want to say, do what makes you happy and love yourself 💕 dance in the rain if that’s what makes YOU happy 😁😉 love life cause you only get one xx #quote #quoteoftheday #wakeup #smelltheroses #begrateful #lovelife #feelblessed #beyou #danceintherain


I feel like I'm always a little bit too late, never quite in the right place at the right time.