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One of my goals for the new year was to try and like people more. So far I’m failing at it miserably. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 #dogswin


Hey! If you're new around here, I'm Jess- the crazy, passionate small business expert out to challenge the modern vibe of western marketing. . . I am a cowboy's wife and mama to two buckaroos in training. . . I'm a dink that forgets her bridle and armitas on photo shoot day. . Blue Duck is the chubby, straight up, relationship-driven, grey horse I normally ride on my day working adventures. . I run to Ian Tyson or business podcasts because they feed my "why." . Coffee cups bring me joy. . I embrace the power of collaboration and reject the idea of competition. . I was born in California, grew up in Nevada and consider southern Oregon home ♡ . Where are you from? . 📸: @m.kromm_photography . . . . . #brandedinink #cowboycreative #westernfashion #cowboy #cowboygirl #horsesofinstagram #brandphotographer #photoshoot #westernbrandstylist #boymom


Once in the small town of Erwin, Tennesee an old fella told me: "The interstate is the quickest way to get somewhere and not see a damn thing." He was right. . I like to travel slowly, on two lane roads. Gravel, like the one that brought me here if possible. There are so many things to see out there. . . . P.S. I don't like geotagging natural/hard to find places. While Alvord may be off the beaten track and often empty, the pools are not that wild or fragile. The hot springs charge a fee and have a caretaker on site 24/7, they also have an access road to the playa. Go pay them a visit on your next slow road trip.


The same, but different. Sometimes I feel there’s too much animosity in the offroad/overland community. Whose vehicle is best, Jeep, Toyota, Subaru, mitsu, etc., and what I think people fail to see is that they’re just that; “vehicles”. We all use them to “drive” us to get outside and enjoy the world. I have respect for all kinds of builds, as long as it’s your own and you have a smile on your face behind the wheel... what else matters?


Snuck away to some grungy, quiet, begotten hot spring in Southeastern Oregon with @reyce.c . 🌬 Hot water and freezing temperatures sure do feel nice together.


@TheOregonDesert - Do you recognize this place? It’s the Alvord Desert in southeastern Oregon. Despite its fern-covered, moss dripped reputation, the Beaver State is actually 50% desert. Anyone surprised? This week, we’re traveling through Oregon’s high desert with our friends, Oregon Natural Desert Association, @theoregondesert. This remarkable ecosystem contains over 8 million acres of public land and includes a range of habitats from the alkali playa, shown here, to arid sagebrush steppe, to lush wildflower-lined creeks. Follow along as we tour this iconic American West landscape. Photo: @seanbagshaw #OurPublicLands #OregonHighDesert


Barkin like dogs in the desert


Moonrise over Alvord Desert while sitting in the hot springs. July, 2016. #cascadiaexplored


Saturday pro tip: Beer🍻 Pic: @findmeoutside #LiveRefreshed


What a fun place to just let it rip.


Old one from the Alvord Desert! Still really love the movement and color here. #startsomewhere #sketches


Best seat in the house


Sunrise on the Alvord Desert, featuring Steens Mountain on the horizon. The day before we’d coasted in on fumes to the first gas station in 200 miles. The vastness of Eastern Oregon is no joke! That night we watched the moonrise — a common event rarely witnessed — from the steamy comfort of a hot spring. What a wild world we live in! — #alvorddesert #steensmountain #rhondathehonda #adventurefit #hondafit #desert #playa #oregontravel #easternoregon #desertlife #sunrise #blueskies #travelstoke #wanderlust #girlswhotravel


Demon boy


Flame papi 🔥


#locationscouting I’m also an un-paid secretary 🤣 #paymewithfood


Oh wow look at these hella chill dudes wearing @chubbies and casually sipping @lacroixwater as if it was some sort of super spontaneous desert bro moment that is totally not sponsored and could’ve been if I was famousgram but oh well I still got marshmallows #hasselblad #analoguevibes #capitalism


What was YOUR favorite ride of 2018?? Mine was exploring the Alvord desert! Let’s hear yours and explore more in 2019!


representing my locals, pure cider drinker💕 #portlandcidercompany #portlandcider #native #alvorddesert #happiness #oregon


The #alvorddesert was nothing like we expected while touring the #oregonhighdesert for Christmas. The sand was covered with a thin layer of water making it really sticky, not muddy. Ella wasn’t fond of how her paws kept sticking to the surface. What looks like a body of water in the distance is actually more sand covered with a thin layer of water. Based on pics of dry conditions, the area would be a fun camping location during the summer. #christmasroadtrip #oregonexplored #winteradventures #sprintervanadventures #vanlifeadventures #backcountryfoodie