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β€’ Taking profit of the #rebound πŸ€ β€’ #flexfriday


Why do you workout all the time? Why do you do so much cardio? Why don't you go to parties? Why don't you drink alcohol? Why do you cook all the time? Why do you weigh out all your food? Why are you always stressing about meals? Do you drink proteinshakes? Why do you do fasted cardio everyday? Why can't you hang out with us? Why can't you have dinner with us? Why can't you come to a restaurant? Why do you need a coach? Why do you give your money to supplements? Are you natural? Aren't eggs bad? Why don't you eat this or that? One pizza won't make you fat right? Why this, why that...? All those questions I get/got asked on a daily basis... But if you look at the photo you might see why I'm currently living my life this way. I set this goal for myself to do a bodybuilding competition & there were some changes that had to be made. And I made them. For myself. I'm not doing half work, I'm either ALL-IN or nothing at all. Is it hard? Yes, it's by far the hardest thing I did in my life both physically but also mentally. But the best thing is that I'm loving every day of this journey. #transformationtuesday #15kgdifference #wardfattowardfit #5months


Stay patient and trust the progress. Slowly reaching that 8% BF What’s your main goal? ________________________________________ #fitfam #fitness #bodybuilding #summershredding #progress


Some of my shoulder workout routines. I think shoulders is my weak point. I'm focused on growing them so I always do lateral raises going as heavy as possible and then dropping with lower weight as in the video. πŸ™„ As you see my coach @ironizejdm is motivating me from behind😁 And my man @cockeyk recording it😁


I'm not the type of person who eat, train, sleep, repeat. I am a real person with a real job... But I am always busy, maybe I'm way to ambitious but it feels so good! 😈😈 #HungryForThePower #RealPerson #NoExcuses #GoForIt #LifeIsntHard πŸ“Έ Shot by @niyuno


Great bicep finisher inspired by @damienpatrick #pump #gym #biceps #training






Was benieuwd hoe dat de temperatuur was in de gym 26Β°C & cafetaria 24 Β°C met deze zomerse records buiten 36Β°C in de schaduw


Let others lead small lives, but NOT you. Let others argue over small things, but NOT you. Let others cry over small hurts, but NOT you. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but NOT you πŸ™πŸΌπŸ”ͺ So ready for the new week #GETBETTER