Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Photos on Instagram

Evert v/d Beekstraat 202 Schiphol, Noord-Holland, Netherlands - Places nearby

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I’ll definitely be back 🚲


Time to say goodbye lovely friends, family and Amsterdam ❤️✌🏻. I’m super excited (but also shitting my pants) to start the next chapter of my life -moving (back) to Bali-. This time for real -at least for now- because we all know life is full of unexpected twists and turns. My plan? I’ll continue my journey to create a life that allows me to bring out the best of my true self in every area of life that matters to me, whilst inspiring and servicing others along my way. Although saying goodbye sucks, there’s also a little good in it. Every goodbye or end can be a powerful hello and beginning of something new, fresh and incredible. That’s definitely the case for me, I’m ready for newness. Until we again my dear friends & much love ❤️✌🏻✈️


missed the flight but happy to spend one day in Amsterdam with lmbt.


One month Miami, i’m soooo ready for you! 🙏🏼


Zoals je ziet ben ik al een VIP sinds 1998, inclusief horloge dat toen nog niet uit was. Back to the future dingen


im on a flight to Dubai if this bitch crash or I magically disappear tell my fans & family I love em 💔🖤



Go Back #Travaillons


TODAY IS THE DAY! I’M ON MY WAY TO CAMP 🇺🇸💓 #efmoment #efmissouri




Ready to take off!


mind your step! -I’m coming Istanbullll ✈️