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Just a quick update from #andamantrip . Weather got better and I finally got to see the clear sea (literally) and lush greens 😍 I finally went to #havelock 😍 . Came back to Port Blair today and tomorrow I have my flight back to Delhi #backtothegrind . 📸 I usually don't go in water but I couldn't resist the crystal clear water and blue sea of #VijayNagarBeach 😍 I had a nice portion of my #MondayBlues 😉 . Will upload more pictures once I come back. I hope you are having gooddays 💕 . P.s. I have NO internet connectivity. Even calls and sms are privilege here. I am in a cafe right now where there is slow internet. So I will reply DMs once I go back to Delhi (on first come first serve basis hehe 😋)


• Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.


Nearly burnt to a cinder🥴


The only impossible journey is the one you never begin #life #journeycontinues ❤️


Such a beauty! 😍 2 Years of ANDAMAN!!


Beach vibes only💕


One year 'two-gether' - a lot of trips, quips, coffee sips and ocean dips #twinning #firstweddinganniversary


What should you do when you don't have a photogenic face?! . . Don't show your face! #havelock #andamanislands #jewelsofthesea #incredibleindia


#havelockdiaries #2k18✌🏻❤️


Palm trees and palm trees and palm trees and palm trees 🌴🌴🌴 #allthepalmtrees #palmtrees #india #andaman #andamanislands #havelockisland #paradise #offthebeatentrack #offthetouristtrail