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102 Liberty St NE, Ste 120 Salem, Oregon - Places nearby

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This weather calls for coffee, creating, and of course, donuts. 😁 Come see us down at @archivecoffeeandbar for #donutfriday today from 9-1. 📷 @carazuri


Girl day coffee + taco date. No biggie.✌🏼


finally back in action with a phone that works. #holiday #afternoon #manhattan #nofilter @archivecoffeeandbar


Drunken Bee’s Knees 🐝☕️🥃 // Bourbon, espresso, cream, honey, rosemary, lavender #drunkencoffee #lavender #rosemary #salem #oregon @wwwpdxchapter


Bigwig has been working on a new flavor and it's awesome. Raspberry. Covered with a bright, tangy and simple raspberry sugar, the sweet vanilla cake donut has a new best friend. Come try it at @archivecoffeeandbar, 9-1 on #donuttuesday and #donutfriday.


Bigwig Donuts. Gluten free. Vegan. Baked in front of you. Pop-up every Tuesday and Friday from 9-1 at @archivecoffeeandbar. Current flavors: Maple glaze, chocolate and cinnamon sugar. 📷 @eugenepavlovphotography


It’s #donutfriday! Bring your #donutdate down to @archivecoffeeandbar from 9-1 today! We have maple, cinnamon sugar and chocolate. Gluten free, vegan, awesome.


We were named best bar of 2017! "Some bars are cozy and welcoming; some bars are inventive and meticulous. Not many are both. Archive pulls it off." Thank you Brooke Jackson-Glidden & Statesman Journal. We are honored. Link in bio.


Hiiii. I’m amanda. I drink coffee.. a lot. I love community, books, and health. I’m a granny when it comes to night time and stuff. When everyone’s out, I’m probably shamelessly tucked in bed under fluffy down comforters & cozy blankets. I love essential oils and have found that they work magical wonders for my body and emotional health. I love Jesus and spending time in his presence. Like the real Jesus, not some feelingless, dictating God who condemns people from far away. The real, peace bleeding, life saving, generous, kind hearted Jesus. He. Is. Everything. Walking has become my lifeline and I suddenly wondered where it had been in my whole life. I’m wild hearted, and unpredictable at times. Unless you really know me, like my friends who can see straight through me. You know who you are. My friends are the best. I’m thankful for today. I’m thankful for my life. I’m thankful for so much. #vsco #vscocam #pnw #pnwonderland #oregoncoffeeshops #archivecoffeeandbar #beesknees #thankful #pnwisthebest #oregonrain #wildandfree #wanderlust #wanderfolk #coffeeshopvibes #mood #freedomculture #livebangs #bangshoes #adventureculture #runwildrunfree #wildhearted


Came back to finish the gift card. The falafel sandwich is very good. So is the quinoa salad. ... Je vais très bien, et vous?


Tasty treat from yesterday 🤷🏻‍♀️🍹🍋 #salem #oregon #tequila #drinks #wednesday #tacotuesday #drink #vibes #bar #barvibes #archive #friends #friendnight


So I went to @archivecoffeeandbar for the first time today by recommendation from a friend and it was great!! Definitely a unique experience and an amazing environment. It just so happened to be Taco Tuesday as well so I got some delicious tacos. The water carafe made me feel super fancy haha 😂 10/10 would definitely recommend! Oh and I also got tea (dragonwell to be exact) it was very good! #archivecoffeeandbar #tea #tacotuesday #fancywater #greatexperience


This kettle coffee is excellent 👌🏼 #coffee #kettlecoffee #caffeine #mornings #mobileoffice #local


first non-whole30 food i’m eating when i’m finished? THESE! @bigwigdonuts 🍩 butttt if you’re not doing whole30, you should go get some & maybe even eat a few extra for me 😉


I just can’t even, so had to #Repost @archivecoffeeandbar ・・・ Here they all are: the Winter Cocktails! Also, the smiling bar crew – the proud makers of all these drinks. Come try the new concoctions!