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MY HISTORICAL MEETING Was scrolling down my phone album then found this!🤣🤣. 3 years ago I was in the middle of a shoot for Toggle’s RUN RACHAEL RUN and it was supposed to be a joke in the show when I played the “soundman” who had to fill in a shoe for a “supposed cast” who didn’t turn up for the shoot. Then halfway, I had to attend an actual meeting within the premises and had no time to change the costume coz I just had an hour during the break before I continued with the rest of the remaining shoot. You should have been there with the rest when I walked into the meeting room. You should have seen their faces🤣🤣🤣 The comedy became real life🤪


Travel with MK Tote Bag 😎🖤


The year was 1985 and these PE’s had some modifications done for MJ’s injured ankle. Let’s have a conversation about this special pair that has intrigued me for too many years... Who has stories to tell ? How many pairs in existence ? Has anyone watched the game where he was playing in these ? Has anyone seen these in person? #1985jordan1 #airjordan1 #aj1 #vintagenike