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Behind The Scenes 😜🍑 Getting booked for a shoot in Bali is what dreams are made of, right? 💫 Getting paid to be in paradise? 🌴👌Yassss thank you universe.🙏🏼🙌✨ But i have to confess, it’s also damn intimidating being shot in the tiniest Brazillian bikinis! I am very self critical and a perfectionist, and I want to look my best (as well as, and most importantly FEEL my best) always, but especially for a big (tiny) bikini campaign! 😜👙 So what do I do to get bikini shoot ready?So many girls and woman ask me, and those who have attended my cooking and wellness retrEATs know, but for you beautiful woman who haven’t yet joined me on one... this is what I do: I eat well, as I always do: gluten, dairy and meat free @annalisewithlovelunch organic healthy deliciousness, I never starve myself, I steer clear of preservatives, additives and sugar, and I guzzle plenty of purified water and I train HARD! In the lead up to coming here, I did 6 Pilates or yoga classes a week at @bodymindlife (huge thanks to my girls @chelseycameronpilates and @pilatesvee who SMASHED my bootay to the point of tears and often hobbling home... you’re ass savers 😜) and I did as much coastal powerwalking as my schedule permitted. Since being here in Bali I cut out carbs and do 1.5 hour soft sand stomps every day, Pilates, and my travel routine of lunges, squats, sit-ups, push ups, and of course yoga 🧘‍♀️ I don’t ever want to be skinny, I embrace my curves, but I do want to be the best, toned and healthiest version of me possible because it feels good to feel good!!! And I can’t wait to show you the final pictures! Love bombs from Bali and huge thanks to all my teachers, instructors, PT’s and friends (tagged) who have and continue to help and inspire my fitness, yoga and wellness journey 🙏🏼😘.. . . . 📷 @nlkstone . . . #fitness #health #wellness #plantbased #lovelunch #meatfree #vegetarian #glutenfree #model #bikini #bikinimodel #ageisjustanumber #yoga #pilates #lunge #squats #bodymindlife #bali #photoshoot #brazil #trainhard #healthylifestyle #tuchas #bts


Going to pretend I didnt cancel my trip to bali with all of my friends 🙅🏻‍♀️


Hey you'🤚🏻


Happy place #boboinbali . . . Thanks @dewaxhaus for making my body beach ready!


favorite beach since 2008


БАЛИ! Нужно мечтать и побольше!!! Как говорит моя любимая мамочка, это не вредно! Она права! Это очень даже не вредно, а скорее даже полезно! Они сбываются! Бали мы видели пока только ограниченно, на экскурсии еще не ездили. Пока все очень красиво и вкусно! Очень напоминает Тайланд и Доминикану, как будто смешали две страны, очень здорово получилось😁 все самое веселое и вкусное от Тая и невероятные красоты и дружелюбность от Доминиканы и все это украшено зеленью и цветами! Думаю мы придем в полный восторг от этой страны! Я еще не уехала, но уже хочу вернуться сюда снова!!!


Decided to post this photo, too as I rarely smile on the pictures 😀


Obrol2 malam ala kami 😁 Rutinitas setiap hari sebelum tidur.. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ❤ Terima kasih untuk kecanggihan teknologi zaman now 👌😍👏 . . . . #thanksGod #i❤myfamily #videocall #LDR #teknologijamannow #alwayshappy


Caaaabs are here


숙소 도착 후 흥 만렙 벌스데이걸 #birthdaygirl . . . #에리카바두 #erykahbadu #발리 #bali #스미냑 #seminyak #여행 #travel #셀스타그램 #얼스타그램 #selfie




Cappuccino. #Bali