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@johnyricky in Bali, Indonesia 🔥 Tag someone, you want to spend some time in Bali with 👇🏼


Dream morning, morning is dream! ISN'T IT? 🙃


Quería esperar a que dejara de llover para hacerme una foto bonita, y al final mientras todos corrían para no mojarse yo me subi al columpio! Una de las mejores sensaciones de mi vida 🙏🏻❤️ • • • #bali #indonesia #eatpraylove #travel #columpio #swim #raining #nature #lifestyle #breath #fly #happy #goals #free #travelphotography




Все любят выбирать между двумя фото. Вам какое больше нравится - 1 или 2?)


The eggs are breaking the internet, y’all! How about WE beat the world record, my lovely people? ❤️ and help my account become the most liked on IG @world_record_egg @moemoneyofficial 🥚 #eggs #eggsoldiers #egggang #liketheegg


Искушение остаться здесь на подольше - сильнейшее, но я очень соскучился по своим ресторанам - девяти действующим и четырём планирующимся. ⠀ Как там настроение? Тяжело после отдыха начинать работать?


I miss you ladies😭❤️ #gobhiwedding #bachellorettetrip #bali PS. My love for swimsuits taught me swimming.😋


the monkey and those cute little things 🐒


The one thing I love most about traveling to The East is that I 100% cannot avoid conversations around divinity and worship. It’s infused and imbued into every single aspect of life - every item, every routine is an offering to God, including myself. - ———— Indonesia - what a beautiful and romantic reminder to operate from a place of listening. When I sit with myself and simply listen, I can create, speak, act on exactly what the Spirit says. Right there, right in that moment, moving into what is heard, that’s worship. - ———— The past couple of weeks, through a lot of guidance and a few knocks in the head, I have confronted divinity and dharma face to face. It’s time for me to continue to be a really invested student - in yoga, in meditation, in world religion, in holistic healing. AND It’s time for me to teach. It’s time for me to stop being afraid to share what I actually have to say. It’s time for me to start writing my first book. All of this scares the living daylights out of me, and though, I’m not about to back down from what I know God has called me to. In the words of our Balian - “No more delay (hits me on the back of the head). GO, GO, GO, GO, GO!” Full speed ahead. #headedhome #houstonbound #worktodo



Жена путешественника с дроном 🚁


Owl #blackandwhite


Headed for lunch.. 🥗 #momlife