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I’ve been away from the mountains for approximately 32 hours, 16 minutes and 46 seconds and I already have separation anxiety. The hype is real! Banff, Alberta is one of the most beautiful places on earth. 🏔💨 Now I’m gonna go edit the 10,000 photos I took there. See you in 20 years. 🤓 @travelalberta




The White Walkers equivalent of the red carpet according to @joemacki — 📌 #BanffNationalPark — 📷 @joemackin#voyaged #travel #adventure


It’s so good to be back snowboarding at my old stomping grounds, places like this call me back time and time again. I had an incredible day up at Sunshine Village with @skibig3 today! Come by the top of Grizzly Gondola at Lake Louise tomorrow at 1:30pm for a few fun chair laps! #instameetskibig3


"The Lake of Glass" 🌥️ • Been seriously feeling the road trip bug lately. The more I explore Google maps, the more I realize how much beauty there is to see just a day's drive away. I'm currently making plans to finally go explore some of the Western States of the US for a week or two within the next few months. Although many people who are new to my Instagram page assume that I'm this rockstar traveling and exploring all the time; in reality I have a pretty regular everyday schedule as everyone else. So the occasional road trip every 4-6 months is essential for me to build up my inventory. And I mean, although it's only been 2 and a half months since this past Rocky Mountain trip; I'm sure getting ready for more. Can't wait! 📸 • • • • • Tags: #awesomeearth  #artofvisuals #theimaged #moodygrams #ig_shotz #lensbible #beautifuldestinations  #earthpix #wildlifeplanet #natgeocreative #earthfocus #gearednomad #createcommune #lookatthosecolours  #heatercentral #eclectic_shotz #gramslayers #doyoutravel #shotzdelight  #sonyalpha #ig_thisworld #ig_color #createandexplore #visualambassadors #lensculture #instagood #stayandwander #fatalframes


Misty clouds flow past the snow-dusted peaks of Banff, Canada, rippling over the mountain town below in thin, billowing waves as the city lights up to greet the night — the clear sky starting to darken, as the first jeweled, glimmers of the stars emerge high above. (🎥: @nick_fitzhardinge 📍: #Banff Canada 🎶: @the_kenaleon )


A queen and her castle in the snow ❄️❄️ Our entire trip to Alberta with @travelalberta is now up on, recapping our romantic week in the most stunning of winter wonderlands plus ALL of our recommendations. Click the link in my bio to get whisked away in reading all about our Alberta adventure. // 📷: @torrancecoombs #alberta #canada #explorecanada #visitcanada #snowday #hogwarts #banff #zimmermann #travelblogger #styleblogger


Loving being back in this winter wonderland 💙❄️☃️🏔 wearing my faves @freddyausnz @freddystoreusa #banff #canada #winterwonderland


“Some people are worth melting for.” ••••• Even though it has been a few weeks, we’re still dreaming of our time in Banff and Lake Louise. The winter adventures captivated our hearts and filled our souls in the most surprising and beautiful way possible. 👉🏼 What was a destination that surprised you the most and why? ••••• #travelcouple #dogsledding #goprohero7 #goprotravel #winterwonderland❄️




A great night out with the incredible team for Guillaume Coté’s new piece “Crypto”. We went to The Grizzly House and had a gigantic fondue dinner. Our amazing waitress Susan is in the first photo. The restaurant used to be a swingers club, so all the tables have phones that you can use to call other tables. We did. A lot. We then sang Happy Birthday to Guillaume, whose birthday it absolutely wasn’t. After that we went dancing (always a humbling but fun thing to do with dancers), and two of us got thrown out of the club (The Dancing Sasquatch) for... risqué dancing or something. We’re not sure. On to a bar, and now we’re back at the Center. Tomorrow it’s work again. Good times.


Happy Saturday, friends 🌲



Crew! 🥳