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5397 Victoria Drive Vancouver, British Columbia - Places nearby

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#Chicken #BanhMi from @banh.mi.saigon #banhmisaigonltd. Busy lineups as usual. Impressed by the insane business they've been doing. Chicken meat was moist, a touch sweet, tasted great with all the fillings and mayo. That bread is fantastic. If you get takeout and put them in the fridge to eat later, try toasting it in a preheated oven (4 mins at 375°F) and it'll taste as good as new! #vietnamesesub #vietnamesesandwich


Thank you everyone for the support our first year. Much love from our @banh.mi.saigon family Come visit us for our 1st anniversary sale , we are offering 10% of the menu


Have you ever impulsively succumbed to the great deal of buy 10 get 1 free banh mi sandwiches? Haha me neither


More the merrier. Excellent Banh Mi from @Banh.Mi.Saigon in #Vancouver #VietnameseFood #sandwiches #FMFBanhMiSaigon


house special banh mi because it's the freakin' weekend 🍻😋


▪️Banh Mi Saigon▪️breakfast before heading off to whistler! Stay tuned... 😏 🥖🥖: #1 special & #10 nem (pork patty) $5 each


Banh mi and three colour drink ft. my purple totoro ☔️


It’s namwich time! I always buy 10 to get 1 free. You know I got to take care of hungry family and friends! . @banh.mi.saigon #banhmisaigon #banhmi #namwich #vietsub #vietnamesefood #vietfood


LOVE ME SOME BANH MI 😍😋 • 📸: Special banh mi, chicken banh mi, pâté puffs • Awesome size for what you pay for && they bake their own bread fresh everyday!! ✨🥖💛


Special’ and 6 colours! Freshly made and its all in the flavour! I’ve read about it and of course I went to check this shit out, because you can never stop eating, even when your body says it just don’t feel good! 🤩 #bahnmi #bahnmisaigon


Whenever I’m in the area I have to stop and pick one up (or maybe two or three)! The House Special Banh Mi is for me!! . . . . .


Diacritical sandwiches.


Hands down, the best banh mi dac biet $5 in Vancouver 👌🏼 #banhmi #banhmisaigon #vietsub #vietnamesesub #vietnamesesubmarine #banhmidacbiet #dacbiet #vietnamesefood #carbs #sub


House Special and Chicken Banh Mi from @banh.mi.saigon. We probably picked the 2 tastiest options and we are definitely returning! We found the House Special to be more on the savoury side with more meat, and the chicken was more sweet. The bread is baked in house but we found it a bit too crunchy for our stomachs. The best part is that they are $5 each!! 8.5/10