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Hey hey you you I don’t like your girlfriend ⚡️ 📸 @theworkofjar


#wintermood 📸: @smt__al


Back home with my Angel ..Thank you for a perfect organized event ,allowing us to feel so relaxed & taken care off .. #anzeigewegennamennennung #notwithoutmyteam #workingmom #girlsteam


HAPPY FUN SUNDAY 🤩 #patriziayanguela


i fucked up my feed already so let‘s just keep going (werbung) outfit is still all @asos_de #asseenonme


If you think that I’m happy, look at my son 😍 Vielen dank to the Swiss team down in Basel for a great weekend. The Moberg-Carlen family really got the warmest of welcomes, and we hope to see you all soon again. Next stop is Hamburg on Thursday for NOCCO Night Hour, and then another meet and greet for Denice during Friday morning.


You can‘t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. 👼🏼 Erinnert euch jeden Tag an eure Ziele und weshalb ihr angefangen habt. Das wird euch motivieren! 🙏🏼 Was für Ziele habt ihr euch für dieses Jahr noch gesetzt? —————————————————— #germany #berlin #girl #blond #makeup #blogger #fashion #inspiration #inspo #positive #happy #redlips #blackdress #weekend #goals #motivation


This weekend our friends Luca and Silas from @lovewolfcommunity_ and visited us for the second time. . Apart from being great guys it is always fun to talk with them about Instagram. I am really thorough with my research, which makes it is difficult to find people to theorize with... I enjoyed the exchange very much and know where I can go to if I have questions. . They really liked to be around the dogs and the dogs loved the extra attention and cuddles they received. . We went on a hike in the area where I was able to get this shot. As they run some repost-accounts it is easy for them to get good content to post and quite an eye opener that it took roughly 5 hours hike to get a decent - this - picture. I was also able to show them how fast the light changes for these pictures... the first day we were a bit late and missed good shots by about 10 minutes and the second day @kaihu_und_hadez got the perfect light at this spot... too bad Frank decided against the moody for the brighter picture. When it was Ninja's turn the sun had already moved a bit and the amazing rim light was no longer as bright. . Afterwards I spend quite a few hours to select, edit these pictures... as they were already headed home. . There is not always good light, sometimes you just miss it by minutes. . Hope the next time won't take as long 😊😊 . Btw I am still catching up with messages, I always do that in order to not lose oversight. But as soon as I answered 20 I have 10 new ones, so I need a bit more time... Catching up is slow... Thank You for your patience...


Arbeit✅ Gym✅Foodprep✅ Also die Gainz sind safe für den ersten Tag der Woche!💪🏽 Heute war ein intensives Oberkörpertraining mit Fokus auf die Schultern! Denkt daran einen V Körper, erreicht man nur mit grossen Kugeln😎 Tipp: Schweres Schulterdrücken und Seitheben sind ein MUSS! Natürlich solltet ihr den Muskel auch spüren #mindmuscleconnection 😏 Dropsets kann man natürlich auch machen🔥 Also ab ins Gym und ausprobieren! Bis die Tage 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️ #ichweissdukannst #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fit #bodybuilding #motivation #fitfam #gymlife #gymmotivation #workout #fitnessaddict #muscle #instafit #fitnessgirl #fitnesslifestyle #bodybuilder #health #body #fitnessjourney #gains #instagood #fitspo #goals #training #nutrition #bhfyp #egugainz






странный день, полный неожиданностей. #letitsnow


[email protected] with lots of flowers for my 35th birthday 😜 ♥️ #roche #greatcolleagues #greatplacetowork #lovemyjob


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2016 and 2018 Same Ferris wheel, same hot girls, different hair colors #herbstmesse