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β€œI waited my whole life for this. Thanks for all the support!” 🎣🀘🏽 #LBI #LBIFishingDerby2018


10 days until the fat man in red comes πŸŽ…πŸΌ


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!!!!! I hope u had a fantastic wonderful day! Can’t wait to see u in 4 days!! Have a great rest of the semester, slay those finals! #7yearsstrong


Look at that skyπŸ˜πŸŒ… β†  Comment below what New Jersey location is your favorite!πŸ‘‡ β†  Shop our must-have New Jersey apparel at the link in our bio! β†  β†  β†  (πŸ“Έ: @jtshimer )


honey bunny buggaboo bunches 🍯🐰 πŸ›πŸ‘» πŸ’ slam dunk πŸ₯‡be seeing u sooner than soon #DD #Godslove #8yearsstrong #longbeachisland


I already have all I want for Christmas. πŸŽ„


i just wanna ball hunnid summers🌺


When someone asks for the 10 millionth time if your jeans already had holes when you bought them #haha #yeah


another year another awkward santa picture πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„ ( special thanks to everyone at fantasy island! there was so much love in one arcade )


Getting Older is a Privilege Not Afforded to All.... . I was 24 when I found my first gray hair. 2 years later my dad died. It was just days after his 54th birthday. Shortly after that crushing reality, this sweet little guy came into the picture to brighten my view. It’s been over 13 years of love with this kid. He’s helped me through all types of love and loss included my fathers death, a divorce, a few breakups (and a few great loves!) debilitating family illnesses, failing businesses (and successful ones!), work transitions, and even a marathon or two. . We’ve grown older together having absorbed the never ending lessons that go along with this life... and we both have lots more gray hair now to prove it.... πŸ‘΅πŸΌ.... but hey Getting Older is a Privilege not Afforded to All... so I’ll take that gray hair (and stop trying to pull them out to look younger.... After all would I rather be gray or bald? πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ) along with relishing in the sweet time spent with this handsome guy.... the roll dog of all roll dogs, my main squeeze.... Ripley. . #grayhairdontcare #myrolldog #sideskunkstripe


Christmas party Dave's electric!


And then she tried to stick her tongue in his mouth and he was like whoa, this is way more than I can handle! #ferndoodle and @adventuresofsammythechin #lookwhatfunihavetimefornowthatihavean #instantpot


He tried to stick his tongue in her mouth and shes like what the heck are you doing? #ferndoodle and @adventuresofsammythechin


Our new pillows have arrived!! These are perfect for family gatherings around the Holidays! #stoneharbornj #seaislecity #longportnj #downtownoceancitynj #margatenj #oceancitynj #barnegatlight #beachhaven #lbi #longbeachisland #avalonnj #coastal #design #holidays


Spreading a little #christmascheer and the best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear! Full video on my Facebook page. #christmaswaltz #thecarpenters #cover #elf #surflighttheatre #piano #musician #singer