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Pacific Place Lantai 4, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 - 53 Jakarta, Indonesia - Places nearby

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Thank You for coming @benedictjakarta and support us ❤️ . . #benedictjakarta #influencergathering



Yummy Brunch... 😁 current situation ☕️


Cerita sore ini


Kongkow Sore 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 #friends #sriwijayateam #bff


Weekend work-brunch situation 🍹


No bad feelings baby i’m just into good ones now. 2017 has been a year full of lessons🕊😊 #2018 #happynewyear #beabetterperson


just found a quite place to hear my soul speak 🖤


Last Sunday Brunch.. by the way the dress that i was wearing is now available for order. DM me for more info of other colors and patterns 😊 Also, kalian bisa jg request mau model apa atau misalnya di jadiin atasan 😉😉


Who doesn't love a classic indulgence like this sugar-coated crispy churros? And it gets even better as they come with caramel ganache and chocolate sauce! . | #benedictjakarta #uniongroupjakarta


#currentlyreading Kazuo Ishiguro - Never Let Me Go . Anyone’s missing Nobel Prize for Literature this year? ICYMI, no prize is given this year in the light of the #metoo movement. Personally, I’m glad bc: 1. Those disgusting men are having a hard time (or are they?). 2. I don’t have to add another writer to my never-ending mountain of TBR. . About this book: I don’t like to read a book’s synopsis (or watch a movie’s trailer, for that matter), so I was very lost until about p. 80. Just then, I understood how this is a dystopian novel. Part One was very slow for me, mostly bc I was so confused about the story and what the characters actually do. In Part Two, things became so much clearer. I got the hang of the book and finally felt that Kath was speaking to me. The most touching - and it could become my favourite - part was when the gang was looking, finding and following the ‘Possible’. I’m in Part Three now, pretty engulfed in Kath’s life and wondering what would happen to Ruth and Tommy. I’m silently hoping for Tommy to tell Kath that he loves her. 🙏🏽 . Anyways, The coffees are con panna (espresso with whipped cream) and piccolo (ristretto and milk) from Benedict @benedictjakarta. Benedict is an interesting place. None of my friends like it or wanna try it so I end up going there alone and I’ve been a few times. I’ve never had bad food there and Union blend coffee is so consistent, it becomes something that I can rely on. . . . #kazuoishiguro #neverletmego #nobellaureate #awardwinning #booksandbeans #bookish #bookishphotography #booktography #bookstagram #unitedbookstagram #ayomembaca #megustaleer #slowreadersclub #dystopian #flowerstagram #coffeestagram #piccolo #conpanna #espresso #ristretto #benedictjakarta #uniongroup #pacificplace #jktfoodie #jktgo #doitforthegram #influencer #alienkeren