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A little x-up fakie manual line @danebeardsley 😎 @dkbicycles #flatlandbmx #breakless #wheelies


this lil onion bun from @backyardbread fell out of its basket. this is the purest expression of sadness and loneliness #athensfarmersmarket #mymarketga #my_athens


Yay for beautiful mornings and farmers market flowers 🌞


“The more I practice, the harder it is to dislike myself. I’ve gotten a lot more confident in myself because I’m learning how to show up for myself. The show up, sweat, shine thing is so real.” . Emily came to Shakti for the first time on August 15th and since then has gotten on her mat 112 more times. . “The change in how I feel about myself and how seriously I take my eating disorder recovery has been.. the catalyst has been yoga.” . Unedited because why would you ever edit people in your life? . This is why I love my job. Blog post coming soon on @shaktiyogaathens website. . Incredible person/ model/ student/ beautiful laugh: @emilypateuk Outfit: @outdoorvoices @spiritualgangster Sponsor us?


last night of softball #nationalsupertonics


@athensfarmersmarket from 8-12 today at Bishop Park! Parking is limited today so find a way to get there! 📷 @stampedandfinch #my_athens


Blueberry everything! honey! jam! sauce! frozen ones! the plants that produce them, too! #athensfarmersmarket #mymarketga #my_athens


These right here are a real Southern late summer treat. Pinkeye purple hull peas, all shelled up and ready to cook, too. Get you some peas, and so much more, at market tomorrow from 8am to noon, at Bishop Park in Athens! #athensfarmersmarket #mymarketga #athensga


Gymnastics 🤸‍♂️ @caseyleehenderson ❤️


It was a beautiful weather day. HOLY BLUE SKIES. There was a dandelion outside my apartment. Honestly though, I mostly felt like a blob. I wanted to return to bed approximately every 20 minutes after I left it. But we went grocery shopping and had a picnic and played Uno in the sunshine. We ate our leafy greens, took our vitamins, and now we’re eating pizza rolls, watching the Golden Globes, and painting my nails superman blue. I hope I get to go to the Golden Globes someday. Christmas tree ornaments are packed up, recycling is taken out, and thinking about the day is actually making it feel like more of a success than I originally thought. I have a lot to think about tomorrow but I’ve already started turning the volume down on all that stuff in my brain for the night. You’re probably doing better than you think you are, and if you aren’t, tomorrow you can try again.


We are at the Athens Farmers Market this morning until 12! Come see us!!!!!!


@athensfarmersmarket 8-12! We’re under cover and we have the heater so you can shop comfortably. Alana will greet you with a smile and help wit’s all your Holiday gift needs! (Limited number of first-comers get free soap samples)🎄🛁 #locallove #shopsmall #madeingeorgia #handcraftedsoap #organicsheabutter




Tryna get some cardio in but it's windy af #athens #ga #bishoppark #basketball #windy #fall