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Filming break to try n capture this incredible place. Shoutout to @kev.wolf for the short but sick trip πŸ‚


Around the world with me - Boardman - Oregon- USA * ********* Yellow Fall Wonderland - Pathway to Heaven - What a Perfect Autumn Day - I love Fall, my favorite Season... Tag who you'd love Fall season like you and me * ********* Please, check out my friends' feeds that I've tagged , you won't regret it * ********* #oregon #pnw #upperleftusa #oregonexplored #fall #autumn #wanderlust #nature #leaves #bestoforegon #usa #portland #pnwonderland #pdx #colors #colours #colorful #summer #red #yellow #exploreoregon #traveloregon #oregonnw #orange #fallcolors #autumnleaves #theweekoninstagram #cascadiaexplored #portlandnw


Autumn from its best side πŸ‚ 🍁 Boardman, Oregon - Each time there is the soft whisper of a breeze, the rustle of leaves breaks into an applause in honor of the moment #pnw #fall #tree_magic #oregonexplored #sonyimages


made for more.


There are few places in this world I have found more magical than The Boardman Tree Farm. If you get a chance, take a stroll through them this fall as they will all be cleared by next year. Sad to see these beauties go but I suppose all good things must come to an end. A humbling reminder to enjoy what you have while it lasts πŸ’›


Okay, slightly obsessed with this city and the Pacific Northwest. For those new here, I recently moved to Portland, Oregon. It's my first time living permanently outside the Midwest. Sure, the traffic is bad, rent is expensive and parking is horrible but I feel like that is to be expected in "larger" cities. If you talk to any local though, they will tell you it wasn't always this way. A few years back, it was still a hidden gem. β€’ I've always had this side of me that was extremely adventurous but Portland has really got that fire going in my belly. It's crazy what you can do here in one weekend. From the Gorge, to Mount Hood to the coast, you can really do all the things - hike, ski, surf. Exploring the city is crazy fun too. The food scene here is insane, there are loads of breweries, I'm loving all the farmers markets and there are tons of wellness options like floating, infrared sauna spas and cryotherapy. β€’ Since moving here, I've become quite the outdoor girl. It's something I've been sharing here and there via my stories and every now and then in my feed. I did a poll the other day to see what kind of content y'all wanted and it was pretty obvious, you want to see more of my outdoor adventures so here is a shot from exploring the other day at Boardman Tree Farm.


Some fall loving for y’all!


| Trees and fall stuff | #boardmantreefarm #oregon #explore #crazyhair


I've been practicing this for 9 years.


My legs are killing me


Andamos locos y entumecidos πŸ™„πŸŽΌπŸ’―


If you're ever in Boardman, I HIGHLY recommend stopping and getting a Bozo Burger with curly fries and a chocolate malt. πŸ˜‹


such a pretty gal πŸ’›


Some days you just need to find your reminder that this world is beautiful and that you've been blessed to have an awesome person join you on this crazy west coast journey.