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Channeling my Kylo today. Was cold. Black is hot. #sendo Over the Cart.


🥂Rosè All Day🍾 Although I don’t drink much, I’m a huge fan of wine so I wanted to do a wine theme. There are three slimes so far that will be included Rosè All Day, Mermaids Drink Mermosas, and Stop your Wine-ing. I’ve found the cutest wine glass glitters a quite a few adorable charms to go along with the themes. Rosè All Day is in its infancy because there’s really nothing too special going on with it, just some glitters and pigments. Give me some time and they’ll pop! Let me know what kinds of slimes you’d like to see most in my shop opening aka fishbowl, thick and glossy, butter, etc! • TRADES AND REVIEWS ARE CLOSED • #slimey #slimer #adultslimer #slimeusa #slimeamerica #slimemixing #slimeasmr #slimeasmrvideo #slimetime #clearslime #crunchyslime #butterslime #cloudslime #satisfying #satisfyingvideos #oddlysatisfying #talisatossell #literallymustardnotice #explore #explorepage #instaslime #instavideo #instadaily #instagood #instarelief


It was time! #myturn #infinitiofboerne


Spent some serious time in TX over the last month. A few nights ago @jhooterphoto and I got to roll around Boerne in a friend’s 1969 F250 named Fred. This is Fred in front of the abandoned gas station off of County Road 290. Most days I feel more connected to the old rusty party parts of downtown than the hip new additions. Here’s to saving old Boerne. Photo by @jhooterphoto. @visitboerne @texas_hillcountry


This creek is an enchanted place . . . Pt 2 of wandering around after it rains


My friend @ryanscotttravis borrowed a friends 1969 Ford F-250 the other day and we set out to get some photos. Really like this one in from of the old Bergmann Lumber Co. building. Ryan has some new stuff in the works, so keep an eye/ear out.


When people find out I work from home, the response is always the same: “you’re so lucky, that must be so nice!” Not going to lie, I always thought working from home would be so glamorous, I mean who doesn’t want to spend all their days in PJs, right? And nothing can beat that 10 step commute to the office. ____ Well, after over a year of working from home, here are a few observations I’ve made: ____ • staying in your PJs all day makes it extremely difficult to be motivated and productive ____ • being in charge of your own schedule has its perks, but it takes a lot of time, organization, and trial and error to figure out how to be successful. ____ • since my commute is a whopping 10 steps to my office, it’s easy to get swept up into always being “at work”. Finding structure and freedom to be able to “get off work” and be HOME took me forever (actually I’m still figuring it out.) ____ • working from home = ZERO community. I miss seeing people every day, hearing about their lives, working together as a team. Working alone at home is extremely isolating - ESPECIALLY for a people-lover like myself. ____ That being said - I’m beyond thankful for the days I can meet fellow work-from-homers at a cute coffee shop (hey @thediengertradingco 🙋🏼‍♀️), have community, get creative, share ideas, and enjoy actual human interaction. ____ Don’t hear me wrong, I LOVE my job and am grateful that I can do it from wherever. It’s been a long journey of learning and finding out what works best. ____ (Life hack: find super cute work materials like @maydesigns, it adds a lot of pretty to sitting at a desk all day.)


Life is a lot like skateboarding... I’m not exactly sure how😂


CVO Road King 😍


Went riding today! Got bit and kicked by the same horse lol! I rode a rodeo horse which was awesome!!!💜💜🤙🤙🤙🐴🐎🐎🐎


Just like old times


Hill country style. #texasdesign


It's wedding day Shawn and Jessica!!!


These beauties are from our signature collection! 👌🏼✨