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Guess who took a million pictures last night


Let's take a moment to appreciate the drinks at Bombay Bungalow; 'Champagne of the East was a chilled iced tea shaken with fennel and roasted orange - yesss! The subtle hint of fennel was a gentle after-thought. I love the idea of swirling a drink around in a large glass, I'm very Vegas like that sometimes -🤣- Mohamed had his 'Weight in Gold' -😉- Chilled coconut water muddled with India spices and topped with a dash of soda. There is no alcohol on the premises. P.S I got carried away taking pics and didn't notice the 'skew' spoon, rookie mistake -😣-


Hands up if you love curries!! 🙋 Delicious Iftar at Bombay Bungalow 😋 Food is amazing and the Burrata Butter Chicken was my favorite! Photo taken with the @samsunggulf Galaxy S8+ 😍 I love how the camera adjusts to give brighter photos in low light. Perfect for taking photos at night time 🙌 #GalaxyS8 #ad


Had to repost. Instagram won't let me be great! #bombaybungalow #dubai🇦🇪


@BigFoodBoy embarked on a rich and inspiring journey through modern Indian cuisine at @bombaybungalow (formerly known as House of Curry). When was the last time you tried a new restaurant in #Dubai? #DubaiFoodie #BombayBungalow . @BigFoodBoy خاض تجربة غنية وملهمة في اكتشاف المطبخ الهندي الحديث في @BombayBungalow المعروف سابقاً ببيت الكاري. متى كانت آخر مرة جربت فيها مطعماً جديداً في دبي؟


~ Pesto Sheekh Kebab ~ just one of the gorgeous dishes we had for lunch today. Part of a brand new menu (and restaurant name - was the House of Curry)with the aim of serving their take on modern Indian cuisine. Tasty food and gorgeous presentation. @bombaybungalow @thebeachdubai


@bombaybungalow's corn & sprouted mung chaat giving me all the right feels 😍




@bigfoodboy can't get enough of our #burratabutterchicken @bombaybungalow We hope to serve you again soon. #Repost @bigfoodboy لايستطيع مقاومة طبق البراتا دجاج بالزبدة لدى بومبي بانقلو ! نحن في انتظار زيارتك القادمة لنا.




We had a lovely lunch here. It was our first time since they changed from House of curry to @bombaybungalow. The pani puri was super refreshing!! The pakoras with salad were spicy and very delicious. And the burrata butter chickens gets the thumbs up for originality and flavour! The food takes some time but it’s totally worth it. Waiters are attentive, polite and knowledgeable. #foodfinds #fooddubai #fooddubaifoodie #foodblogger #foodbloggerdubai #indianfooddubai #thebeachdubai


BEST RASMALAI EVER! The combination of salted caramel, coconut and crunchy pistachios 😍 Head out to @bombaybungalow for Indian food with a twist 😱 #AED40 ONLY 💰


#latepost loved the place and the food...thanks @bombaybungalow #watches #watchesofinstagram #instapic - #instagram #instagrammers


Bueno, bueno y bueno!!!


Getting the basics right... #foodporn #foodgasm #dalfry #bhunagosht @bombaybungalow loved the food and your amazing staff...coming back for more...