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poor little gracie watson


Little Gracie 💕


One year ago today I lost the biggest part of me. Mama I can't believe I made it a year with out you i still hurt every day for you i have really changed with you being gone and so have the people around me I'm really alone now I just wish I could talk to you once more I long for the day I get to see you again I know I will i will make you proud of me more then u already where life seems so unfair I know God knows whats best for us I just feel like I have no one there any more who cares or even tries to understand me I miss ur unconditional love more than anything just being able to lay across ur bed n laugh n talk about anything ur honesty ur strength ur wisdom lives on in me I'm working hard to get my life right you are my strength to this day nothing else In life is more important than me gettin my life right I'm leaning to let go of people and things that compromise my sanity or my goals In Life you are the best mom or person I could have ever known I've yet to meet any one else like you mama I love you and miss you sooooo much unitll I see you again rest peacefully my dear mother


We R OPEN and having fun playing store with our celebrity guest, The Bird Girl! Books, Candles, Egyptian Salt Lamps, Essential Oils, etc. Open 930 to 530 7 Days #415BonaventureRd #midnightinthegardenofgoodandevil #bonaventurecemetery #thebirdgirl #johnnymercer


Gothic greatness of #bonaventure


True love is magical. #bonaventure #tildeathdouspart #bonaventure #annacampbell


We hope that you will take a moment for yourself this week to enjoy your precious life. Have a peaceful night Savannah.


Happy Easter Instagram friends!


Exploring the darker side of #Savannah #Georgia at #bonaventurecemetary


Also, a cemetery with a gift shop really gets me.


“Too marvelous for words.”


Elegant solemn statues in #bonaventurecemetery


Little Gracie Watson died of pneumonia in 1889 and was laid to rest in the Boneventure Cemetery. She was beloved by all of Savannah. Look her up on the internet to learn more of her sad story. #boneventurecemetery #savannah #georgia #gravesite #cemetery #boneventure #sculpture #graciewatson


Working on yourself is brave, it means your admitting something needs to grow in your life, it can no longer stay the same. #breath #openyoureyes #smile #shine • • #love #life #live #laugh #learn #grow #travel #model #bookme #hippiestyle #dreads #medical #green #plants #pray #god #yoga #music #vibrations #energy #networking #entrepreneur


Little Gracie Watson


Garden of Good and Evil.


When I got that hat out, thinking I was gonna have another Derby bday, but traded it in for bikinis and Mexico instead 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ thanks to the amazing @nurnberg for letting me play with all my wacky hats & shoutout to this under $30 😱 dress too! #shannonelizabeth #redheadsofinstagram #shannonmercier #hatsofinstagram


Corinne Elliott Lawton is buried at Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia. She was born into a wealthy family. Story has it that Corinne fell in love with a man beneath her class. When her parents learnt she wanted to marry this man, they arranged for Corinne to marry a wealthy man of Savannah Society. The day before the arranged wedding, despondent and heartbroken, she rode her father’s horse to the banks of the Savannah River, leaped in and drowned herself. Angry and grief stricken, her parents had Corinne buried outside the family plot, then commissioned famous sculptor Benedetto Civiletti from Palermo, Sicily, to create her statue. She is depicted as sitting by a Cross wearing a long gown with one shoulder bare. Her eyes have no pupils and she looks sad and in thought. Her statue faces away from the Lawton family plot, a life size sculpture of Jesus Christ smiles at her back. The more likely story is that Corinne died after a “short illness”. In her mother’s diary there is no mention about an ill-fated love affair, or any shame brought to the family in the wake of her daughter’s death. The position of her monument in relation to that of her family’s is probably due to the fact that her grave was relocated to Bonaventure after the death of her parents. : : . : : #travelwriter #globetrotter #travelgirl #traveltheworld #travellife #traveldeeper #microblog #wandertag #memesdaily #travelling #natgeohub #solotravel #travelgram #instatravel #traveltheworld #traveltips #wanderlust #worldnomads #natgeotravel #sharetravelpics #travelphoto #instacemetery #instagraves #igerssavannah #igersgeorgia #femmetravel #wearetravelgirls #ladiesgoneglobal