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An amber kiss from the golden hour...otherworldliness ☀️ Melting away with the sound of the crashing waves on the endless beaches of the Pacific Ocean in Sydney 🌊 Dress @heartsandfound Hat @behidadolic Note: This photo is not edited. Taken with my Canon 6D mark II - lens 50mm 1.4 | ISO 100 #iddaaroundtheworld #iddavanmunster #travelgram #travelphotography #australia #sydney #bondibeach #dametraveler #fulltimetraveller #travelbug #goldenhour #igersofficial #ladieslovetravel #ladiestravellingtheworld #ladiesgoneglobal


I don’t mean to butt in 😂💙 @torilevett @jessie_khoo


Hair there don’t care. 🤡💩✌🏽


Being a tourist in my home city ✨💕



Afternoon smoothie 🌴


🔥 Vibes 👉 @fitphorm Are you ready? Check out FITPHORM Athlete @jamesmacris putting in the reps at the world famous #bondibeach Launch into your very own health and fitness lifestyle today #noexcuses @fitphorm Tag your workout buddy!


Morning Bondi Vixens -Let’s do this !!! 5.30 am sunrise beach sesh! #bondivixen #bondilife #21dayzonechallenge #attitudeiseverything


One of the most beautiful creations I’ve ever seen🌊. After seeing so many photos of this, its amazing to see this in real life💙 and experience with my loved ones. Can’t say enough how much I love Australia!


@thebondialchemist - What are your goals for the future? - “My main goals with tBA are to keep learning, to keep refining and perfecting and to hit the US market. Ideally I’d love to sponsor some surfers and I intend to grow big enough to do so. I want to continue to make women feel amazing in the Bondi Alchemist products and expand the range beyond just swimwear and tights with great collaborations or simply through the tBA brand. I want to offer all kinds of products to compliment your beach day. Personally, it’s all about being happy and feeling free doing what I do, staying grounded and giving back where and when I can. I want to surf better, get barrelled (yeeew) and travel to the most beautiful places to do just that.” #surfergirl #surfbikini #surfwear #surf #surfbrand #girlssurf #surfgirl #sustainablefashion #boutiquetales #boutique #boutiquebrands #boutiquefashion #boutiquesurf


@thebondialchemist - What moments building The Bondi Alchemist do you cherish the most? - “I cherish the support I’ve had more than anything. The people who stand beside me and back me and my idea. I’ve had some high flying corporate jobs and this was a huge risk and well out of my comfort zone. At times when I’ve felt like giving up, someone has magically appeared to give me just the advice, support or push that I needed to know I’m on the right track. I am incredibly grateful to my family and friends but also the strangers who love what I’m doing. When I see someone put on my swimwear or tights and look amazing in it, it gives me goosebumps.” #surfergirl #surfbikini #surfwear #surf #surfbrand #girlssurf #surfgirl #sustainablefashion #boutiquetales #boutique #boutiquebrands #boutiquefashion #boutiquesurf


@thebondialchemist - What motivated you to start The Bondi Alchemist? - “Limited swimwear offerings for women of all sizes that look great AND stay on! My love affair with swimwear and the ocean began as soon as I can remember. My love affair for surfing came late, at 33 when I moved to Bali. I don’t know why I never surfed before but I haven’t stopped since and never will. When I started learing tonsurf I had so many conversations with friends about what they were wearing in the surf, frustrated with being exposed constantly and sacrificing taking a wave for covering up a boob or pulling your pants up I decided to start the Bondi Alchemist. I spent over a year and a half testing & trialling with manufacturers, styles, fit, material and more. I surfed in the swimsuits and tights, I trained in them, did yoga in them and I gave them to friends for feedback too. I keep my range small, but I make sure it works. the Bondi Alchemist is made for anyone in the ocean or on land that wants to be free to flow without worrying about their bits falling out.” #surfergirl #surfbikini #surfwear #surf #surfbrand #girlssurf #surfgirl #sustainablefashion #boutiquetales #boutique #boutiquebrands #boutiquefashion #boutiquesurf




So happy to be at Bondi Beach with my family and friends... I am a lucky lass!