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Chillin’ with @jackiechan at his book signing!


O M G. I can't believe we just met @jackiechan !!! 😭 thanks @gian22 I was so nervous I couldn't figure out how to take a selfie fast enough LOL


He does his own stunts, and signs his own books! Still can’t believe I got to meet the world’s best Supercop, @JackieChan! Real feel -15°F won’t stop me from lining up to meet my favorite martial artist!


We got to meet Jackie Chan~~~!!!😍😆🤣 I was so nervous to talk to him><;;; Thank goodness my sister tagged along😅 #jackiechan #senpainoticedme


I might of gotten a little too excited when I got to see my hero @jackiechan today at his book signing😬 . . What could my face possibly look like to make a man who jumps off of buildings this terrified. #ilostcontrolofmyface #igottooexcited #nevergrowup


Met one of my childhood heroes today. So many things I wanted to say to him, but I was so nervous so all I could say to him was that it was an honor to meet him. And it truly was.


Sometimes you need to travel to another state in -20 wind chills to meet your heroes. This one was worth it. @jackiechan #inspiration


Never Grow Up aka Never Stop Working! @jackiechan is a machine when it comes to signing books! 📚✍🏼 Have you gotten your copy yet?


Meeting Jackie Chan today was pretty awesome. Super happy I get to add this to my list of life experiences, and add his book to my collection of signed editions! 🤘 #jackiechan #adventures #inspiration #bookends #bookworm


If you look closely, you can see the exact point in which her 🧠 💥. Yaji has admired and idolized @jackiechan since she was a kid. This is a lifelong dream come true for her. Yaji loves her some Jackie Chan! So ecstatic this was made possible. #bookendsbookstore #booksigning #jackiechan #jackiechannevergrowup #number1jackiechanfan #roadtrip #adventuretime #adventureswithfriends #ridgewoodnj #newjersey #makingdreamsreality #belatedchristmasgifttoafriend


I was star struck when I finally met the man, the myth, the one and only legen... wait for it... dary @jackiechan! 🤩 #jackiechan #movieidol #martialarts #beststuntman #bookends #newjersey #imnotgoingtowashmyhand #nevergrowup


Note to self.... Practice your smile before meeting your idol.... . Wish I could have gotten a cool/weird pose but him jokingly poking me in the head and looking away when I noticed was an awesome impromptu moment. . Title of his book, Never Grow Up, are words I live by. Gotta find time to read through it . . . . #NerdStuff #Idol #JackieChan #BookSigning #NeverGrowUp #NeverSettleForNormal


Growing up watching his movies, and, today I finally met him in person!! Thank you for coming to ridgewood.😊 #jackiechan #成龍


Just a little while ago, I had the honor of meeting @jackiechan. When I’m asked how I got into the martial arts as a kid, it was two names, and Jackie was one of them. To be in his presence and have this exchange will be one of the most awesome moments of my life. 谢谢 #JackieChan #MartialArts #Legend