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Our friend Frida 💙❤️🇰🇪


All is quiet in the bush until it’s not. What you may not realize is the level of risk men working in anti-poaching must take on a daily basis. Beyond the immediate and obvious danger of getting killed in the line of duty, they must also live their personal lives aware of various threats from underground poaching rings. Cheers to the countless brave men patrolling under moonlight while others sleep, so we can continue to have elephants and rhinos in Africa’s increasingly precious protected habitats. It’s a good thing organizations like @forrangers exist for the sole purpose of supporting Africa’s anti-poaching teams with the training and equipment they need in order to continue their work. #Africa #Kenya #poaching #conservation . . . . . #bnw #bnwphotography #bnw_captures #bnwmood #bnw_planet #bnw_planet_2018 #bnwsouls #bnw_greatshots #friendsinbnw #time #thenewyorktimes #newyorktimes @time @newyorkerphoto #martinbuzora #photojournalism


We do very serious things. 🐜🐜🐜..... #wildlifesafari #safarikenya #kenya #privatesafari #photography


Loving @amandavanderziel and friends twinning in our Isles Tops in Kenya! #thejmclife


Safari Yavari #boranaconservancy #kenya #ispy


Lion cub, Borana Conservancy, Kenya 🇰🇪 #Simba #kenya #photography #leica #leicasl @journeysmiths @maximum_exposure_pr


50 shades of tequila! Tasty as! #arijuju


Props to this noble (and sleepy looking) steed for getting me safely across central Kenya


As our 12 seater propeller plane bumps and jolts a little alarmingly somewhere over East Africa, I wonder if perhaps I should have paid heed to every piece of travel advice I’d read suggesting saving safari for when one’s kids are at least in their early teens. My youngest, four year-old Momo, suddenly lets out a piercing shriek, “LOOK IT’S A GIRAAAAFFE” and everyone cranes for a sight of this creature strolling across the plains just as our plane lands into an ‘airstrip’. We are all enraptured. But only my little one lacks the inhibition to express the full gamut of his excitement. FUCK THE TRAVEL ADVICE. Lewa ‘airport’ consists quite literally of a small empty patch of land right in the middle of the wilderness; a three-walled thatched hut with a wooden bench, and a secondary smaller hut, which is the bathroom, naturally. Maya, my six-year old and her little brother strain against their seatbelts, desperate to burst out of this flying contraption that has landed them seemingly in the middle of Lion King territory. Well actually not ‘seemingly’ at all. I chose Kenya’s Borana Conservancy specifically because it is Lion King land, having inspired the landscapes of the Disney cartoon and because it lays claim to the real Pride Rock. I figured if I’m going to take the kids way out of any reasonable comfort zone I may as well root our adventure in a story they are familiar with... TO BE CONTINUED. ***************************** Side note: This Eid marked the first time in five years I completely disconnected - metaphorically, literally, and digitally. It was fucking glorious. For a start I was reintroduced to the sound of my own thoughts, and all the words come flowing. There was a time - long before CEO - when all I did was weave stories and that is when I feel most like me. I slept wonderfully and didn’t have a single dream that involved racing against time to finish some implausible task. But most importantly I discovered that my kids are quite possibly the coolest humans in the world. My reality demands connection round the clock, but I plan to punctuate my life with more of deliriously dazzling silences. After all, the world is still somehow spinning.