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Me sentindo em um Paparazzi 📸 Com esse look bem Blogueirinha e baratinho do jeito que a gente gosta🙈 Eu amo dar um toque especial nos meus looks de Outono/Inverno, to sempre acrescentando o básico: “Meia Calça, Colete & Cachecol” Fica muito moderninho não fica? •Vestido: @charlotterusse •Colete: @aeropostale •Meia Calça: @marshalls •Bota: @shoedazzle •Cachecol: TL Outlet


My heartfelt thanks to the many (100 strong) who participated in last night's community voices on #violence & #trauma listening-only hearing, especially our brave & brilliant #youth activists from @teenempowerment. I am grateful for my colleagues who attended the hearing and those who wanted to be there and couldn’t, but shared their commitment to these issues. And to all of the community-based organizations who were represented last night, and who do this work everyday - your partnership is invaluable.


The holidays are even prettier at night 🌙| Photo by @kmunchie


Starting next fall, you can experience Boston Garden Society's newest social scene: Rafters. Learn more about the membership-based party deck where you can enjoy the most unique views & hang with the champions at #ExperienceLegendary


The evolution of my razors. . Starting in the 5th grade, I started to shave. I remember it so vividly because this boy made fun of the hair on my legs (side note, he was a dipshit). Thus began my journey with disposable razors. As the name suggests, you use them once or twice, and then wham bam, they're dull and there isn't too much you can do about it, so you throw it out. . But over 2 billion disposable plastic razors are thrown out each year in the U.S. alone!! That's enough to wrap around the Earth end-to-end 6 times! . And I contributed to this number until about two years ago. Granted, I ended up buying a plastic 'reusable' razor handle with disposable razor heads that's a bit better for the environment than single-use ones, but not by much. . With my zero waste transition, I was most nervous about switching my razor. But I found this single-blade safety razor from Albatross shaving that does a pretty great job! Does it give me the closest shave in one stroke? No, I have to repeat the processes two times. Do sometimes I nick myself? Yes, but it doesn't hurt and it's not too often. Am I still getting the hang of it 1 year later? Also yes. But it does what it’s supposed to do (shave) without all the plastic nonsense.) (And in all honesty, I decided to shave less frequently because who really has time for that?!) . However, I just found this multi-blade, pivoting head, razor recently from Leaf Razor that I've fallen in love with (notspons). It essentially acts like the plastic Gilette razor that I used to use but without all the plastic guilt. The one thing that's a little difficult is that the handle can get a bit slippery when wet, but that's easy to fix with a rubber band or a cloth. And while it cost is on the high side for a new one ($80), the cheap blades will easily make up for it in the long haul. . Other awesome forms of sustainable hair removal are sugaring, waxing, epilating, or going al natural. <3 . . . #zerowaste #lowimpactmovement #ecofriendly #plasticfree #sustainability #gogreen #environment #green #sustainable


Pleasure meeting you @valentinapahde ! Thank‘s for the visit & your @celtics support ! ✌🏼😎☘️🏀🇩🇪 #Celtics #CUsRise #Boston #ThisIsWhyWePlay


😛✌🏼 😣 😑 😃


This past weekend I whipped up @choosing_balance heathy French toast sticks and let me say they did not disappoint! They are super easy and I love they there is collagen added into the mixture - it’s awesome to be able to get creative and add collagen in to different types of recipes! • Dipped these into vanilla Greek yogurt topped with cinnamon 💫 check out her blog for the full recipe! You won’t regret it ☺️


When you need a quick fix on your big day - that's what friends are for! 😂💗 // @mark_davidson


Attention all BU alumni! We are competing in a faculty competition this week. The theme is “summer in the winter.” Please send us photos of yourself while deployed in a desert environment (NTC will work too). With your help, we can win this thing! Thanks in advance!


Everyone has the potential to be great and do great. Truth be told It’s not easy to see your potential on a grand scale which is why we focus on small victories. Being able to roll out of bed and get yourself ready for the day; walking the dog; going for a walk; going to the gym; making dinner; mea prepping for the week. It’s all a domino effect, action creates routine and routine creates confidence. Confidence in yourself helps you to realize your potential


Donut season is such a great time of year 🍩😍


This is one of the many courses BTAC is offering next semester! PST-385 Elements of Theatre Production is a chance for students to get hands-on experience in the technical side of musical theatre. The class explores set, lighting, sound and projection design as well as stage management. We provide technical support to shows presented on the BPC stage by the Musical Theatre Ensemble. We work with lighting equipment, program the light board, create sound and projection effects, organize microphones, and do everything we can to make sure the show looks and sounds great. Lmk if you want more information on this class! Thank you all for supporting BTAC😇


1st stop of Mel’s B day celebration day! Reginas but of course!!!