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Due to weekend engineering works, last night’s World bulletins came from the @bbcnews @bbcone main bulletins studio. I rarely present in there - and when in Rome (or Rhondda)... #dothehuw 📺 With apologies to the real @huwbbc 🙉


now on BBC NEWS. Interview with this fine gentleman @bbcnews #bbc #news @bbctwo #simonmccoy #thebridge #bron #broen @actress_sofia_helin_ @thebridge_uk


Fam, imagine if I had my own show on @bbc1xtra 😏 (shot by @kreatography)


Looking at my future like....


I will post more often now because I produce the series and of course I want to keep you up to date. and hey do not forget the fun, that's so important A few beautiful pictures I got from Sicily Italy 🌅 So I wish you a wonderful day and maybe you have ( so i hope for YOU ) 📽🎬 Your crash crazy Mike 🤘🌟


Will these ever count as performance art? 🤹🏾‍♀️🤹🏾‍♀️ #7thfloorphotoop


🚺👀 Look at these incredible banners made by artists and volunteers across the UK to celebrate 100 years since some women won the right to vote 🗳🙌This Sunday in Edinburgh, London, Belfast and Cardiff people will gather on the streets to march with their banners 💜 Are you going? Who are you walking for? Get involved below 👇Download today’s podcast 🎧 or listen again via the website as we head to Cardiff to check out how the banners are made #womanshour #suffragettes #vote100 #processions2018 📷 @artichoketrust


“I rep for da english like da pound sterling”🏆🇬🇧 Big up @bbc1xtra, big things soon ⚽️⚽️⚽️ ENGLAND!


“Yeah nice seeing you too” Come party with me tonight in Leicester @jukeboxleics it’s gonna be a movie!! Rap show first though on @bbcradio1 @bbc1xtra LET AVE IT


Praying for an answer on #BBCSML yesterday to what the patriarchy is. Funny enough it’s always exceedingly middle-class feminists who go on about the patriarchy most. They don’t like talking about capitalism and how it exploits men and women because that would mean taking a critical eye to their lifestyles too. That’s why they sneer and giggle when someone challenges the idea that it’s a secret cohort of men who are running the world. Because they can’t understand and don’t want to admit that for working-class men and women, the patriarchy is a bullshit concept.


Happy Sunday! The fabulous Clare Teal is live on your wireless bringing you all the best #BigBand, #Swing and #Jazz up until 11pm, including Count Basie, Tommy Dorsey and @motis_andrea ! Tune in @bbcradio2 📻🎺🎷 . . . #live #radio #bbc #radio2


Brilliant day recording my music for BBC Radio 3's 'NHS Symphony' and filming a segment for Newsnight! It's a portrait of the NHS at 70, and features the combined voices of 3 NHS choirs and The Bach Choir – a real privilege to write for so many NHS staff. The radio show is happening on 30th June, Newsnight the week after - do tune in!


Enjoying recording a 70th anniversary feature for @bbcradio3 with @thebachchoir and various NHS choirs today! Show is broadcast at 9pm on the 30th June! . . . . . . #nhs #choir #choirrecording #nhsbirthday



I’m done did @bbcradiolondon again on Friday, the 4-5 am spot! I have spent all weekend eating pasta to recover so here is a photo JM’s face he doesn’t know I have to explain how I feel. But it’s on iplayer. If you want. With the lovely Chris Rogers.


Paddy in the hot seat @bbcradio4 #BBCBH looking positively professorial as we start the paper review. • • • #paperreview #bbcradio4 #winehack #winelover #sundayvibes #paddyoconnell


The latest in an occasional series I’ll call ‘broadcasting from a balcony’ Busy day talking #NHS funding on @bbcnews #tv #news #work #bbc #newsroom