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9 years together, 1 year of marriage and a lifetime of memories to go! Thanks for always laying the skin track @brie_ledain


Broken top


When I started shooting film.. my rolls would be blank or blurry, sure.. it made me so upset. Like any other human who teaches themselves something. But the thing is, I didn't just stop there. For the most part I shoot everyday.. whether it's myself and how I feel or the people I love and birds in the sky. And now it's just become second nature and something that I have to push myself with in order to find or feel a challenge. I think a lot of people can take photos.. but not every photo can give you a feeling. You can teach any ding dong to push a button or to sit in front of a camera but you can't teach them to create an atmosphere with their subject or shooter that makes other people feel things. That is just being open and vulnerable through the things you create and not just creating a facade. And that , I respect.💁🏻💖 this is my best babe @ediesunday when we hiked the highest peak to find a glacial pool / worth it :)


That moment in your 30th year of life you can barely recall a weekend that didn't consist of an outdoor adventure. I know I say it a lot on social media but I am still baffled each day at just how good this year really has been for me. I fall more in love with the person I hope to spend the rest of my life with each and every day .. I am blessed with some of the most genuine friendships I've truly ever had... I've made a ton of mistakes and have learned (sometimes the hard way) from each one of them... I have been intentional in what I pursue, and what I let go of. And I've been lucky enough to experience things most people my age don't have or can't make time for. I'm on a mission to live this kind of life every year moving forward and that being said- I am thankful for each person (whether we've grown apart or closer together) for being some kind of part to the best year of my life.


~ peaceful ~


What's it called when you're really stoked but also really tired? ..."I think that's just Nordic skiing" -@bernadettenoelle 🙃 #totallytoked #tooreal #crustcruisin #crustycrew #SUNdays


Made it to the top of the mountain! ⛰🌊 #brokentopmountain #nonamelake #oregon2017


dog packing #jamesfrancothedog #dogsofpnw #tbt


Stormin' volcanoes with celebrity guest @bmcgillivray



... For the love of appreciation. For the success in finding comfort in lonliness. For letting go of things, people amd memories that do not serve. For nature. For learning new skills. For never looking back. For sweating and breathing. For the remarkable beauty of nature. For you. For us. For them #forthem #appreciate


Captain’s log day 2. No parts for new sled yet. Rode old green. #jonathanisstuckstill


I am always looking for the next adventure... let's see what's going to be... 🗻😎 #pnwlife #hikingadventures #oregon #brokentoptrail #amazinghike #whatsnext #hiking


Hey, @jj_steinberger!! Remember how you're my favorite to share memories with?! Yea, that hasn't changed. Luhyou🐝


Things I learned in Portland: - Say yes more than no - Set audacious goals - Sunrise is always worth it - Sleep outside - Embrace imperfection - Just try it - Be open to new people, they could be your new lifelong friend Life is either a daring adventure or nothing - Helen Keller #adventure #goals #mountains #oregon #exploreoregon #hiking #backpacking #cascades #pnw #pnwonderland #optoutside #lifeexplored #trails #themountainsarecalling


Broken Top 🌨 Bottle Shop 🍾


Take a peak at that!


Sure do miss this handsome fella (and views like these)... countdown to being back home has begun! #pushpeaks #oregon #pnwonderland #paschoollife