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Rooftop szn has officially begun


Little me in the big 🍎


sometimes the feets get lonely if they’re not all together. #bffs #bestfeetsforever


“No place in the world that can compare” 🚲


so what


Hello NYC! Back to city life and looking forward to my shoot with @hermanmiller tomorrow 😁✨


154 is a 10.


Natural stories: ‘It was a very rainy start to the year in Morocco. So much so that there was no raw material to weave! Finally the sun shone through the clouds and the leaves grew strong and long! The harvesting began and the weaving commenced! 6 weeks later the beautiful production was complete and Abdul and his intrepid team of weavers were rightly pleased with their work! All was wrapped with love and put on a boat that slowly crossed the Atlantic!’ These beauties are made for us in the region surrounding Fez from doum which is the leaf from the dateless palm tree! We’ve sadly sold out of the stools and only have one ‘Fauteuil Doum Doum’ left plus a few of the oversized market baskets! I love that these simple natural beauties have proved so popular and have found their way into lovely homes all over the US and even all the way to Spain! #homestories #brooklyndesign #handmade #naturals #weave #doum #palmleaf #armchair #basket #stool #moretocome


“Let’s do this every Sunday!” Yep, I’m there.


back to my summer treehouse in the city


Can you tell we are excited about Swim series #hotsummerdays #photgraphyislife @permanent_press_editions


Quiet residential side streets in Downtown Brooklyn 💙 #Brooklyn #NYC #photographer #urbanphotography #canon #potd #picoftheday #photooftheday