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501 Park St Kingston Springs, TN - Places nearby

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Just another day with my angel baby ❤️


Massapequa's Senior attackman, Brendan Nichtern, goes 4G & 3A in season opening win. Kid looks like a young @robpannell3 - High lax IQ, strong dodger, great around crease, balanced attackman. Massapequa takes down FL reigning State Champions St. Thomas Aquinas 13-10 (📷: @flglax) #LILaxJournal #LoveTheGame


Splash pad fun😊


Our long hair can't cover up our rednecks 😉 #selfiesundaywithmyboi


Couple rallies from the Hat Tournament semi finals this week! #spikeball #roundnet #sports


Gettin ready for tennis season🎾 #letsgoyork


The Tennessee Tin booth is up and rolling!!! If you haven't been by Burns today come out and see me ! I'm here till 4pm🌳


From my first game ever to my last home game .. Anyone who knows me knows how much it means to me to play for Massapequa Soccer Club; its been a long 12 years but im sad its over. 😔⚽️⚽️ #BurnsParkIllmissyou


Issa ship 🏀🏆 #fortheculture #mansgame


💦🔫Have a sleepover they said.. it'll be fun they said 😳 😹JK they're the best kids♥️♥️


When God uses someone to bless you… And later in the day gives you the privilege of blessing them back and I way neither of us could fathom. So thankful to serve a Creator that knows the most effective way to speak to my spirit (and to my new friend Jordan’s too). After leaving @cosmoprofbeauty empty handed because my #lifesavingtechnology (aka the app that contains my #pro card) refused to open, I sadly left all my favorite #paulmitchellblonding products. Before I could get through the door Jordan (@cosmoprofbeauty #staff) met me with a sincere empathy (it had been a difficult morning) and said she hoped I found my plastic card or that my app got to working soon. I went on to the splash pad. After #madisonansley totally getting me with an ice cold bucket of water (completely by surprise), @momma_g_2 found this guy hanging out on the back of my head... once we got him to my hand - he wouldn’t leave. Minutes past as I just looked at “Burns” (named him after the park). He was unwavering in his commitment to see his journey through. Days don’t typically go as we plan; and sometimes you’re thrown a curve ball that you’d never see coming. Butterflies are often looked at as a symbol of #growth #transformation & #change - all things that can at times be terrifying and intimidating... 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 Burns was a tangible being that embodies all those traits beautifully... but what stuck out the most was his desire to be present (I literally had to gently pick him up and hand them to one of @laurenbwebb ’s boys.) 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 I know my moments with Burns were a gift from God. These last 2 months or so have been nothing but the struggle for growth in my life. Weeks of silent frustration at myself and at times asking God what he thought he was doing. It was a season marred by a loneliness and abandonment- as if God had put up a sign akin to “the doctor is not in.” Today, God saw it fit to send me a little buddy as a the most exquisite reminder that He is not only the one who creates change, but the one who will stand with, protect, and champion us through it.


“Burns” & the bae #newbae #whodis #thebaeandthebutterfly #instagood #instalove #instadaily #heknowsmylovelanguage #relationshipgoals But in all seriousness, I’ve got some things to say about this little dude. #nextpost


sooo I met a little friend today... #icallhimburns #baenburns such a #sucker for #alliteration #grammarnerd #spacebuns


I’m only able to jog 2-3 miles right now and it is so hard not to feel like this is such a failure. But after two years of battling #PCOS , #Infertility , #HormoneTherapy, and weight gain of 65 pounds I guess I need to be a little more patient and kind to myself. Rebuilding can be so hard sometimes. On the bright side, how gorgeous is #BurnsPark ? What a great place to run!


Phoenix is learning all about #girlpower in his women’s studies field trip today.


When there are dead bugs stuck to your forehead...THEN you can say you had a good run. #human #windsheild


Beautiful Kingston Springs!