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Wanna see what it looks like when you get dressed up and have nowhere to go? ^^^^^


I have the best roomies around ❤️


#longpost but I just want to do this for myself and anyone that I tag in this. I just officially capped off my Butler football career wifh our banquet. I'm so thankful and blessed to have had the pleasure of representing this university on the field. I want to say thank you to all my coaches, especially coach Ferg for giving me a chance this year. Thank you to my fellow seniors and the entire d line for this season. Ill remember this as long as I live. . . Thank you so much to my parents, brothers @brennangeers @jamesongeers and loving girlfriend @taylorpetrovic for the constant support, even through some of the tougher times I had in my career. Nobody plays this game for the love of it alone and I set out to inspire and set an example for those closest to me. One of the most amazing moments of my life was having my name and jersey on a kids Christmas list. I'm no role model but I'll always think back to that moment. . Thank you to all my teammates, but especially those friends I spent hours with doing nothing but talking. Many weeks I had more fun on Sundays watching football surrounded by great guys than I did the Saturday before. @ascaccia28 @alexpeterson63 @jmlewlew @tbaldwin91 @stephendennis @bobbyjensen71 @clarkgary21 @ugo.91 @connorandras56. Without this group there's no way I make it through this year sane. . Want to especially mention @matthawk92 and his family. You've all been better to me than I could've ever imagined. I know I've got a great friend and second family for life. Hawk kept me going through more than I could've done without him and I appreciate all of it more than I tell him. I truly believe God has a reason for putting both of us at Butler instead of Yale or any other school and I'm thankful for that intervention. . . Thank you so much to @landsharksbroadripple the staff and management there took me in and gave me a skill I'll be able to utilize forever. My connections and experience have already given me an opportunity not many 23 year old guys get. . If you've read this far thank you for following my journey. I'm excited to start the next chapter wherever I'm taken on my walk of life. Much love to all and thank God for football.


got to spend the night w my favorite people💗🥂


10 year challenge??


C’est la vie


Dawgs gotta eat #gameday


we spent more time scraping the ice off my car than actually sledding


back at BU! @butlermbb


hey, what’s up, hello??


He’s back #classof2007


Nothing but control rooms this weekend. #liveevents #controlroom