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Save those horses ladies 🌵🐴


What a beautiful world we live in🌏


It’s a lot easier to put 16 hours a day into a craft you love vs. 8 hours a day into something you don’t like doing 💡❤️. I see so many people going into university because it’s the only option in their eyes that will provide a secure financial future for them. Fortunately, I can tell you from experience that ANYTHING can provide you a secure financial future ☝🏻. . How? It comes from the understanding that your value does not come from a piece of paper saying that you have a Bachelors degree or a certificate (many shitty doctors lose their licenses each year). Your value comes from WHAT YOU KNOW. Not a piece of paper or your resume, but from what you are holding in your head. Practical shit, not theoretical. . This is why the best entrepreneurs in the world (Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs) do not have degrees, but you sure would like them on your team. . Moral of this post is.. find something you are passionate about, and stick to it forever without confining yourself to existing norms such as “going to unit to have a great future”. There’s ALWAYS a way for it to make you a fortune. And for that way to be unique, it’s gotta be your way.. And at the end of the day, you just gotta learn how to make your passion valuable to a group of people interested in the marriage of you, your skills, and your passion 😌. Get it!!


A "quick float" turned into a 7 hour trip 🐳


INSPIRATION TIME!!!! Pls read the write up carefully... You can still have money and have sense.. That you were born poor doesn’t mean you should make poor choices in life when money comes.. You can have money and “truly” help humanity.. no need for hypes. Don’t really know Lebron James like that,not sure he’s even born again but if this write up is anything to go by then I encourage our young people to emulate. The money/success which comes with vices like drugs,baby-mamas and lack of self control should be discouraged. Good night 💤🌙😴.


So as stampede came to a close this happened... @marshmellomusic it was sweet to actually meet you, even if only briefly! May have to do it again but in Vegas next time ;p


different kinda energy


Step by step process of adding leather to a barn door 👌 Do you like the leather or would you have left the door alone? #barndoor #wooddoor #handson #crafts #leather #rustic


There was a time when I was obsessed with burning fat and I was doing more cardio than I needed. My weight didn’t move for 4 weeks and I was already lifting 6x a week. And I was looking fluffier each week. Especially stomach, love handles, and lower back.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ I was retaining so much water, and every time I weighted myself I’d get mad and start eating less and doing more cause I thought it was all fat. As a result my body was stressed, already releasing lots of cortisol, would pump even more into my system causing more water retention and bloat. Overtraining was catching up, and the amount of caffeine I was drinking cause I had no energy was promoting more release of cortisol.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Sounds like you?⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Normal cortisol is a hormone that helps regulate energy levels of the body; moving it from fat stores to tissues when needed, and when the body is stressed it provides protein for energy conversion. So if it does that, it’s not bad for you. It’s only bad when it’s too much for too long. Higher cortisol levels can be induced by caloric deficit, weightlifting, travelling, alcohol, lack of sleep, getting angry... ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ When things get out of control, some or all of them symptoms will appear: water retention, fatigue, irritability, fat gain, elevated insulin in the blood. That excess insulin will lead to weight gain and degradation of muscle mass, which lowers down your metabolism and worse. It’s common that many of my weight loss clients initially complain of “too much food” and “not hungry”. This is why.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ But don’t freak out when you are retaining water and your cortisol is high. You do not gain a bunch of body fat over night. Let’s talk about reducing your stress. Sometimes a cheat meal or refeed will help sucking the water out of your cells “whoosh effect”. But don’t get in the habit, cause you can ruin all the hard work that easily too (let coach Drea help you).⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ 🔹 Don’t train in your off days. Off means OFF. If you overtrain, you will cause inflammation⠀⠀ 🔹 Cardio is a great aid to fat loss, but if you do too much for too long it’s gonna cause you to release a shit ton of cortisol!⠀⠀ !⠀⠀ KEEP READING ⬇️


My flower garden


Leni being photobombed by a fly


Updated Gobleki Tepe pillar sketch


PUBG JAAT MAFIA #gwagon #team #mafia


When you can’t contain your excitement of your wife in labour #babyiscoming


#캐나다 #캘거리 #대명킬러웨일즈 #아이스하키 #DPC #말 #말킴 #라이언 #51 #56 길었던 캐나다훈련 종료! 함께 고생해준 Ross thanks ! 고생한 만큼 좋은 결과를 기대하며 한국으로✈️


#TBT last time we brought @kranium for the first time to Calgary for our Reggae Halloween event. Join us tomorrow for @dextadaps! HMU for tickets & VIP guest list 1.587.891.6872. #musiccalgary


CALGARY STAMPEDE #crazyride #awesome #horseriders #rodeocalgary #besttime