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@reebokclassics got me on my modeling ish 😂😂




Life is about taking chances and making moves. It’s not what you’ve done but what you’re doing. 📸: @alxmclrn


It’s not a real glam unless there is some glitter, right?! ✨ 😆 Dress @fashionnovacurve ❤️ #novababe #fashionnovacurve


STOP...HAMMER TIME! 🔨 - No matter what you do , no matter how well you do it. There will ALWAYS be people who want to see you fail. Remember to Stay focused and fuel your passion and desire each day when you wake up. Rise above any negativity that is thrown at you to try to bring you down. And let nothing stand in your way of what you deserve. Keep your head up guys, ignore the haters and follow your dreams 🙌 Let’s get it! •


Oh haayyyy LA. I’ll be in Los Angeles this weekend and yes yes, I’m teaching my body-positive, go-on-and-love-yourself workout, @thebecomeproject. This Friday at 9am and 12pm at @moorecardiodance. Tell your friends, tell your lovers, tell your queers...might as well mention to your Uber driver while you’re at it. Sign up via link in bio and bring your own mat. See ya there.


Legit had like 20 people staring at me weirdly while I was posing for this photo ☹️😂 • • • Wearing my @versace babies from @optikaopticians 🕶😍


Let’s make something very clear, here. . Entrepreneurship is not a cake walk. . It may *seem* like everyone you follow has the perfect business, is making way more than you, lives in cooler apartments, and has better friends. . It may seem like all of your problems will magically *disappear* once you hit that sought after *5k month* *10k month* 30k month* *50k month* or whatever number is in your head right now. . As someone who has quadrupled their annual revenue every year for the last four years, I can ASSURE you that Entrepreneurship is more than what gets displayed on social media. . Every “new level” you reach, Some of your problems from level 1 may have dissipated (confidence that “you can do it,” a consistent way to generate leads, delivering your program and getting results) but.... . ...only to enter: a new set of problems. In Level 2. . Feeling like you’re pitching all of the time. Becoming the bottleneck. Working more than you ever have. Hiring a team, being able to generate enough revenue to pay them. Feeling like you always need to generate more. Feeling a sense of separation from peers entering new levels. Fearing imposter syndrome (again). Taxes mannn (for which, you must learn to be grateful for, of course). Overspending. Underspending. Burn out. There’s a lot. . But..... If you’re REALLY connected to your mission... If you feel like you HAVE to do this, regardless of what scary problems may be coming your way... You’ll do it. You’re ready. . Are you in “level 2” right now? . If so, let me help you navigate. . I’m your girl to help you level up, avoid crucial mistakes, and take strides toward your legacy with clarity. . Applications for the Flourish & Conquer Mastermind are open (link in my bio). . For coaches, consultants, doctors, therapists, trainers, and entrepreneurs, who are ready for the challenges ahead. . Flourish & Conquer, Amanda . 📸 @3muh


Last @kingofthecourtbeach tournament this weekend in Huntington Beach! Who will be crowned the last king?? 👑 Come down and check it out this Saturday and Sunday! @yachakyerbamate @oakley #kingorout


Arrr !



when at the padres game grab some Hodad’s and onion rings! #sdeats #sdfoodie #sandiegoeats #sandiegofooddiary #sandiegofoodie #instafoodie #foodie


Thank you Mary for taking the time to share your chiropractic experience and how Chiropractic helped you. New patients mention IG on your new patient paperwork and your new patient visit will be $45 (Reg $90) schedule or learn more about my office using link in bio #chiropractor #chiropractic #chiropracticadjustment #chiropractors #huntingtonbeach #orangecounty #losangeles #backpain #neckpain #sciaticarelief #sciatica #sportsinjury #sportsinjuries #carpeltunnel #hairdresserproblems #hairdresser


Wife🖤 #wcw


Wilmington is the place. #vscocam


Nothing is perfect in life. No one is perfect and every one has imperfections that should be embraced rather than denied. Being unique is a gift. Share it with the world, imperfections and all. Own who you are, after all, God only created #oneyou Happy Wednesday!


This is me giving Yom Kippur advice to one of my Jewish friends. . #easyfast #highholydays #funny #culture #religion #jewish