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You against you. Every day. No losing, just learning. It’s the 4 you gotta watch out for, if you catch her it’s night night.


Primm Beadlock Candy Red w/ Black Ring #blackrhinowheels #beadlock #fordraptor


Thank you so much for following me through my takeover and being so interactive with me! I hope that I was able to help a few of you. What I learned this week is that a lot of you, me including, have/had comparable „fears“ before starting the AuPair Year. I just want to let everyone know that you shouldn‘t let those thoughts get to you too much. Don‘t let them hold you back in an amazing once in a lifetime experience! This year was definitely one of the greatest years that I will ever experience in my life. I had a lot of new situation thrown at me that I managed to grow on. It helped me develop my personality and become more confident in me. Always try to see the positive things that will come with this year & you will have a great experience! Thank you!