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Don't waste your time with explanations, people just hear what they want to hear. وقتتو با توضیحات هدر نده. مردم فقط چیزی رو میشنون که میخوان بشنون. Genesis Photographer : @nojannamdar Model: @sahar.elahiii Glasses 👓: @arashsaghari • • #bravogreatphoto #earthportraits #endlessfaces #honardoostan #globepeople #portraitvision #photoaxgram  #ak30  #istgahehonar #moodygrams #portraitcharts #exploremore #endlessfaces #portraitgames #ourmoodydays #visualambassadors #fstoppers #humanedge #moodyports #portraitcharts #portraitsfromtheworld #shotzdelight #portraitfolk #depthobsessed #vscoportrait #honaristyle #theportraitproject #yourvisiongallery


Precisando de sugestões de música pra gravar pro canal. Quais vcs gostariam? ⤵️🎼 Os brincos são da minha coleção de jóias em prata com a @mellinamachadojoias (tem no site dela) e o biquíni é @bikinilasirene | #PorAiComGabiAsus


i am a woman— i am a human being. which means i get to define my body on my own terms. i get to do whatever the fuck i want with my body on my own terms. i get to wear as little or as much as i want— on my own terms. i grew up with a mindset planted into my head (from society and from my own upbringing) that the human body is not something you should flaunt or be proud of. and from a young age, i had this constant question pounding in my head of why? why is a woman’s body so bad? why should i hide my stomach? why shouldn’t i wear this or that? why shouldn’t i speak about my womanhood in front of others? and as i got older, i began to just say “fuck it”. i began to realize that being afraid of my own body was a dangerous and unhealthy mindset to have. i began to understand that i had buried all of my womanly pride deep within me, and it was begging to be released. and i vividly remember the day last year, that someone once told me that if i wanted to be a “real woman” i should be modest. i remember how much of a burning passion this sparked inside of me. because the very fact that i am a woman means i get to decide what being a woman means to me. whether i’m completely covered or butt naked . and here i am, flourishing in my skin— as real as it fucking gets model🌈: @wanderingkamya 🌻🦋☀️


A última vez que tínhamos ido à praia foi em Goa, estávamos no início de outubro. Mais de 9 Mil Km e 5 países depois, decidimos: é tempo de voltar a esticar as toalhas na areia 🏝 . Uma ilha sem rede de telemóvel, sem multibanco, e com wifi quase inexistente. Sem estradas e com eletricidade titubeante? Com praias quase desertas, águas bem transparentes e 30 graus? Okay, vamos. . E foi assim que demos por nós em Koh Ronh Samloem. Têm sido assim os últimos dias, descanso, praia, ler, mergulhos e pores-do-sol. Já merecíamos 🙈


Hoping for more good days ☀️♥️


Um namoro baseado nessa brincadeira kkkk 🌶♥️


Come to visit sunset view @neoskybarphnompenh


Голодно. Пришлось в джунглях 7ми сантиметровых жуков поймать, саранчу,зажарить и съесть. Вкусно кстати.


Met a puppy and made an impulse decision.. Talking about my new Dori tattoo of course! 🐠🐟 #justkeepswimming #lovethepuppytho


Un rostro silencioso con frecuencia expresa más que las palabras. . . #BayonTemple #Buddha #siemreap #angkorwat #cambodia #camboya #cambodge


The reflection of the sky creates wonders


On the way of life


📷: 22 of 40 So much Love for Cambodia To be honest, I really didn’t know much about Cambodia and Siem Reap three days ago. Admittedly, I even naively generalized that a lot of cities and countries in Southeast Asia were all really similar. Spoiler alert — I was wrong (which is usually the outcome when we generalize). Cambodia, you are so impressive. And while you may have many similarities with your neighbors, you’re so unique and different in the best way. I am leaving today smitten with your history, your culture, and your people. Mostly, I can’t wait to return again soon!