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El Domingo 6 de Mayo a las 18h gritaré en @somcanvies con @collado_carla @cancionesdenadie @giunta_sergio y Yanis en beneficio del proyecto @no_name_kitchen que trabaja cerca de la frontera entre Serbia y Croacia para cubrir las necesidades básicas de las personas refugiadas que están en proceso de migración para entrar en la UE. Recuerda que si no puedes venir puedes ayudarnos compartiendo el cartel!


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t h e p o u s e r @tacticbarcelona


Canviem una estoneta?


Get lifted when you lose it all


Vermut solidari! Gracies a tothom per omplir de nou Can Vies i fer-ho possible. ❤ #vermutsolidari #canvies


Carretonnnnss, carretooooonnnnssssss #FMAS


| #CatalunyaEnResistencia | I finally got to visit this beautiful space. Can Vies was first occupied by mostly young people in 1997 and has been used as a self-managed social centre since then. It's right in the heart of one of Barcelona's anarchist centres, the working class neighbourhood of Sants, surrounded by many other squats and bookstores. In 2014 it was saved from being demolished after four days of protests - a testament to its significance for the people of the neighbourhood. During those days, part of Can Vies was torn down. The protesters set the excavators on fire to prevent them from destroying what was left of the place, an act of defence which prompted a lot of media to brand them as 'partly violent' protests. I feel at home the moment I step inside the building. The walls are covered with activist art, expressions of solidarity with the marginalised, manifestos for a better world, signs speaking out against abuse and violence. There's an immediate camaraderie through the implicit understanding that we're all working towards the same goal of social transformation. Everyone is all smiles, chatting by the bar. Musicians have arrived to play a show in half an hour. There will be an acoustic folk act outside and a rock band playing inside. My friend orders the vegan omelette sandwich on the menu while I browse leftist newspapers and make conversation with my new friend, Pau, behind the counter. He asks if I speak Spanish - I tell him I understand everything but I'm still a little shy to speak it. He tells me my Spanish is perfect. The kind of warm and welcoming encounter I have daily. I spot a banner above the entrance. It's in Catalan, which I'm still in the process of learning, but I manage to piece together some of the most beautiful words I've ever read: "We are not afraid of the ruins because we carry a new world in our hearts." [In tribute to Buenaventura Durruti]


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Al lado los maristas, el centro católico y lo demás


#Graffiti de la #SantaMort a Can Vies ( #Sants, #Barcelona).


Un clàssic: #selfixavi amb #lauraadan


Nou logo de l'ABS per Festa Major!!! #SantsLliureiTropical #SantsLliureDagressions