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Had such a fun weekend celebrating my cousin’s birthday in Montreal this past weekend! Nothing like being carefree (& extremely bougie lol) and spending valuable time with your family🖤 Also apart from our Uber driver blasting “Papaoutai” and trying to get us to dance along with him, this kind of stuff happened too lmao - boy: “I can speak Indian too” Me: “Nyeah eh, I didn’t realize Indian was a language” *starts telling him off in Punjabi* 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ . . Beret: @katespadeny Jacket: @dkny Sweater: @hm Pants: @forever21 Bag: @louisvuitton Shoes: @topshop @topshopcanada


Got our new Herc today! Just kidding it’s our friends at Lynden Air Cargo using the Hangar today.


A Toronto pour la semaine🇨🇦🏙❤️ Vous avez des conseils pour visiter ou sortir ici? Qui est déjà venu? Perso, dans un premier temps, je gère le choc thermique entre ici et Las Vegas😂 #ExploreCanada #SeeTorontoNow


PSA to all my fellow students out there (especially those experiencing their first year of university)....remember to keep things in perspective when you’re going through difficult phases of your studies. Midterms/exams suck, the workload is insane, the readings are overwhelming, and the questions are’s tough, and it’s normal to feel like it’s tough, but this pain is temporary. In first year, I remember hitting my first midterm season and freaking out because I felt like I wasn’t capable of getting everything done...I even questioned if my acceptance letter had been a mistake because I felt so stupid 93.7% of the time in class (eco100 was not a fun time for past-Caitlin lol)! I wish I could say that the semester got better, but it was a pretty consistent level of gross 😅 However, one thing that semester did teach me was that even when the shitty times come, they always eventually leave. University is just cycles of busy-ness, and it gets easier and easier to navigate those cycles as you learn better study techniques and consciously stop comparing yourself to others 🙌 Do your best and you’ll be fine. 10 years from now you won’t even remember the papers or exams that seem so “GPA-life-or-death” right now. Take time for yourself...take time to soak the experience in 💕. . . . . #university #uni #unistudent #midterms #finals #studygram #study #studentlife #student #collegelife #universitylife #studyseason


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The sun was burning my cornea (hah get it) okay I’ll stop now. 📸 @kattmartiin


Don’t wait until you’ve reached your ultimate goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal 💯 #djwiwa #amootana


Chardonnay or Should I go?🍷


I think I'm fine, I think I'm tough Untill I go and fall in love I always try hard to conceal But the more I hide the worse I feel


Another happy client 👓🌟! Kennedylee looking GORGEOUS in her new Prada frames 💫 come stop by our Stoney Creek office to try on our amazing selection of frames !


We can’t stop smiling from @chef_lynn’s reaction to being surprised by her idol, @lidiabastianich! 🌟 Watch the special moment at


My first Lazeez


Balancing and maintaining one’s well being, house chores, work, mental health, spirituality, relationships....being a grown up is hard 😐 At least the leaves I had to rake were pretty! #enjoythelittlethings


Unicorns, Rainbows, kitties!! Do you have a little girl that just loves those patterns?! This next vendor is for you! Coming to Magic of Christmas craft fair, November 24th & 25th is @honeybeehandmade 😍😍 Here is a little of what Melissa has to say about her company. . . Honeybee Handmade is a collection of girls clothing made from soft cotton and bamboo jersey and whimsical prints inspired by the magic of childhood. Fabrics your children will love, in styles they’ll want to wear everyday. This seasons pieces bring us images of fairies, forests, unicorns, furry friends, and magic meadows. Sizes range from 6-12m to girls 9/10. Handmade in my home studio in Victoria. ❤️