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A massive parade has taken to #Toronto’s streets to celebrate our #MLSCup champs the @torontofc 🏆⚽️ #TFCLive - 📷 @jessemilns


Les arbres déjà tout blanc après la neige du weekend et on prévoit encore une bonne précipitation cette semaine! ❄️🎿 _____ Trees already white with snow from the weekend and they're calling for lots more this week! ❄️ 📸@ MRochon #tremblant


Did you know Casa Loma is the only full-sized castle in North America? Construction started in 1911 and took 300 men three years to complete the 98 rooms, 30 bathrooms, and 25 fireplaces throughout the home. There are also several secret passages and stairwells, including an 800-foot-long tunnel that connected the castle to the horse stables. You can take a tour of this piece of history and learn more about its original owners, how misfortune led them to give up the home of their dreams, and what role the castle played in housing a WWII secret! 📷: @dametraveler 📍: @seetorontonow, @ontariotravel #ExploreCanada . Saviez-vous que Casa Loma est le seul château grandeur nature d’Amérique du Nord? Sa construction, qui a débuté en 1911, a nécessité 3 ans et 300 ouvriers. Le château compte 98 pièces, 30 salles de bains, 25 cheminées ainsi que plusieurs passages et escaliers secrets, dont un tunnel de presque 250 mètres qui menait autrefois à l’écurie. Faites une visite guidée de cet endroit historique et apprenez-en plus sur les propriétaires d’origine, les malchances qui les ont obligés à quitter leur demeure de rêve et le rôle important de cette bâtisse qui a servi à dissimuler un secret durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale! 📷 : @dametraveler 📍 : @SeeTorontoNow @ontariotravel #SeeTorontoNow #DiscoverON


Dreaming of a white Christmas. Photo by @heyvian | #explorealberta


Monday Mac n Cheez anyone? 😍🧀 Vegan and Gluten-free, this classic comfort food is our special at our Westboro location this week! Made with a queso sauce | gluten free noodles | crispy onions | coconut bacon | served with a side of buffalo sauce. . . Here until Sunday! Tag your Mac n cheese loving pals! . . #purekitchenottawa #livinthepurelifestyle


From 🦁 to 🐼


The Nanaimo Doughnut is currently on the menu for Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. It's easily one of my favourite doughnuts and it's only around for the winter time! What's better than a nanaimo bar-doughnut hybrid? I can't think of anything right now, honestly.. . . Open until 6pm ;)



Happy International Mountain Day! I’m more than happy to share some of my favourite mountain tattoos from this past year on such a day. Nature and mountains are so much fun to create! 🌀International mountains day was created by the UN to raise awareness on climate change within our mountainous regions. Receding glaciers are the most obvious of the affects. Considering mountains are home to almost 1 billion people on our planet- mountains are responsible for 70% of the worlds fresh water- contain 1/4 of our land planets and animals and they cover 1/4 of our Earth as a whole. Mountains matter! So consider your carbon footprint today and brainstorm some ways to reduce it. ♻️Besides recycling or riding your bike🚴🏻‍♀️ - maybe when cleaning out your pantry donate your extras instead of throwing them out🛒- bring those shoes and clothes you aren’t wearing to the Sally Anne for someone else to treasure 👠👚👖or switch to some natural cleaning methods rather than Chemical ones. 🌿There’s always a variable - time to get creative ✌🏽🏔💜 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #internationalmountainday #mountainsmatter #internationalmountainday2017 #mountainlife #mountainlove #mountains #mountainday #mountaintop #mountaintattoo #mountainpeople #climatechange #glaciers #tattoo #tattoos #tattooed #girlswithtattoos #guyswithtattoos #nature #vongray #electricgrizzlytattoo #carbonfootprint



10% OFF all Mako market totes this week! Emblazoned with a super happy-go-lucky shark, these bags are big and strong enough to safely carry all your worldly possessions. Use the code TOTES at checkout (shop link in bio). #shark #linocut


“Somebody once told me...” You can grab a growler and a glass of Smash Moute at the brewery this week. Single Malt And Single Hop— this beer features Pilsner malt & Moutere hops. 5.8% || IBU 45 ✨ 🍻


Its a dogs view


Snow's already piling up. Happy winter NB


When your the hot new lunch diner on the block.... Today's lunch special Mac and Cheese , German salami on rye, diet Pepsi - and Free smiles and hugs 💕 #sarnia #lunch #monday #macandcheese #rye #salami #dietpepsi #stayandwander #family #hot #diner #love #eat