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I love this @mackage and @stuartweirzman suede pieces! Such great fall colors! ⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ 📸 | @lexiztunes ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #thecassiepaige  #fblogger  #outfitoftheday  #yegfashion #yegstyle #styleblogger #fashionblogger #picoftheday #igdaily #style #instalike #ootd #instaphoto #photoshoot #pictureoftheday #photos #trend #styledaily #streetstyle #bloggers #fashionph #fashioncanadians #myshopstyle #dailylook #dailypic #dailyfashion #instalook #yeg #inourshoes



Октябрь в этом году радует погодой 😊 Осень просто волшебная 😍🍂


Sometimes you just gotta block the homie. #WeTheNorth


sheepless nights 🐑✨


Thank you all so much for supporting this new journey and huge thanks to my coach @patty.lifts for pushing me and supporting me like no one else. . Thanks to the @inbfcanada for putting on such a great show and honouring me for my journey with an award for "Most Inspirational Journey". I believe I placed 7 out of 8 but that's not what matters to me. What matters is the lives I have impacted while on this new journey. The messages I get from all of you starting journeys of your own. Thanks so much, love you all. . Now we eat. For my eating endeavors over the next few days follow @danny_getsfood


***** If I had this bike, would you meet up with me to see it in person & try it out? Drop a comment below👇 The more we talk, the more we learn👍 Hey guys! Check out @charlie_harrison_'s prototype @intensecycles M29. It's freakin INTENSE! Imagine being able to try something like this out. It would be dream come true. Oh hey! I have an idea💡 If I were to get my hands on something crazy awesome like this @intensecycles M29, I would totally go out of my way to let other mtb enthusiasts like you guys try it out. I could go to the parking area at the base of the trails & let people parking lot shred it. Trade me your car keys & take it for a trail rip. This concept would work right? How is this sustainable for me you ask? Once it's popular enough, I would round up a few sponsors to back me up. Chime in with your thoughts. Would you meet up with me to try out baller bikes/parts? It would for sure make for some cool content. I would share the feedback on bikes & specific parts with our community. If we as a group agree that this concept is good for our community, I can make it happen with or without bike manufactures lending me demos. I could pull this off with my own personal BallerBikes. I am sure a bunch of you would love to take my current Norco Aurum build for a rip. I also have Baller Team Truck at our disposal that will give us some presence. Once I get my custom @areaccessories truck cap/canopy (currently being built), you guys are going to help me with the wrap/decals🕺 For now, I am just putting out feelers. Help me take BallerBikes to the next level. Chime in with your thoughts. I am open to ideas💡 Let's build BallerBikes together✊ Cheers🍻 Brian Ps. According to @charlie_harrison_'s original IG post, you are looking at a prototype @ #rockshox fork & prototype @envecomposites rims. -------------------- Tags: #intensecycles #intensem29 #envecomposites #rockshox #srammtb #maxxistires #mtb #mountainbike #mountainbiking #ballerbikes -------------------- 🚲BallerBikes is a project for all of us MTBers ❤Help me spread MTB love 👊Like/Comment/Tag 💬Share your thoughts -------------------- Partners: @bikestable @downhill24h --------------------









Thought I was in the clear with these hives but apparently the skunk is a total jerk and hasn’t given up. 😑 The ladies have at least found a temporary solution.. going to have to find something to deter it tomorrow 🤔


Another wedding reception in the books. Another very happy client! This crowd really wanted to get down, begging for more till the very wee bits of the morning! #ilovethis #essenceofaudio #djdingolay #weddingDJ #corporatedj #privatedj #fitnessdj #imyourdj


Vegas nails! Have the most amazing time @tashakristine09!!


•Laughter has replaced yelling •Kind words have replaced blasphemy •Hugs have replaced hitting •Safety has replaced threats and danger •Humour has replaced sarcasm •Love has replaced hatred •Caring has replaced callousness •Freedom has replaced control and manipulation •Invincibility has replaced vulnerability •Security has replaced insecurity •Stability has replaced instability •Certainty has replaced uncertainty •Peace of mind has replaced confusion •And all because abuse doesn’t live here anymore! #EndAbuse #SpreadLove #SelfRespect #SelfLove #Courage #Strength #Perseverance #LifeAfterAbuse


Come and get lost in the wonderful world of @shelleyvanderbyl_artist , always on display at our #1850NESS location! 😉 #localartist #strongertogether #suportlocal