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1 Canadas Wonderland Drive Vaughan, Ontario - Places nearby

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enjoying the last little bit of summer


Ghee that duckie lookin thicky @thestupidamerican can relate.


Don't let stupid people enter your personal zone!!!!


This video kills me every time LOL s/o @bizzlebash for making me face my ultimate fear lmaooo best decision ever (RIP my voice tho😫)


Todas las canciones son nuestras... si me recuerdan a ti.


Wonder prom with my best friend, my love, my other half💜I love you so much.


My gf and I trying to take cool candid photo #basic Did you know Canada's Wonderland is only open on weekends? lol


Stoked I was able to ride some of the infamous North Shore trails today. I did not ride a fraction of the crazy stuff I saw, and I know there is so much more! #CANADA #vancouver #northshore #mountainbiking #bringbackskinnies #classic #whytebikes #zoicclothing #beautifulbritishcolumbia #mtfromme @zoicclothing @whytebikesusa


#Canada was definitely an experience but I sure have missed my ol' Kentucky home. Overall, I had a great trip. #TravelingSolo to a new place can be overwhelming, especially to a whole new country but I'm pleased with the end results. I learned a lot during this trip and met a lot of awesome people. It was so comforting to see the warm, familiar face of an old friend and exciting to see some new ones. I even got to add a face to a name and a voice to a face. I also learned that Canucks sure love that #southerndrawl LOL #secondchances #newbeginnings #newsights #travel #experience #challengeyourself I got to ride all of the coasters except the #leviathan and man, so much regret! Until I remembered #Oktoberfest lol #canadaswonderland Also, if I'd done it all, there'd be no reason to go back! ;)


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