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Missing these magical evenings in the Rockies 💫 ⁣ Photo by @mikesugianto


Yardy kno we was outchea or whateva


Loving the long exposure in this image by @nicolebutzphoto . . . . Use #OPCmag to show us your photos. We are always looking for Canadian based talent to share.


Wow! Who wants to visit the Canadian Rockies? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏾‍♂️🇨🇦🏔 . Find the details here: . . . . . . #canadianrockies🇨🇦 #peytolake #wild #gowild #wildlandtrekking #canada #travel #traveltheworld #trekking #hiking #trektheworld #hikewithus #banff #banffnationalpark #banffcanada


You’ve never felt more insignificant and powerless than sailing through the sky headed straight towards this. Icy winds in your face, the sound of muffled helicopter blades cutting through the air, surrounded by a wall of mountains, snow in your eyes; it’s incredible. ❄️



Growing up I didn’t do a lot of hiking. In fact it was pretty much only something I did on Boy Scout trips, but my eyes were always drawn to the mountain tops. When I turned 26, a flip switched inside me, and I stopped waiting for the right time and other people to join me and I just began and haven’t stopped since. As my love for the mountains grew I wanted to share it with others and a few times I’ve been able to convince my parents to join me. This was one of those times. Although my parents (pictured) aren’t really into hiking they came with me to Lake O’Hara in the Canadian Rockies. We took some of the harder trails and they were dead tried but it was one of my most memorable times I’ve spent with them and I dare say one of he highlights of theirs lives. I think this is especially true for my dad who I convinced to go on a mid night hike with an uncertain chance to see the northern lights. Beaten and tired he hiked and hobbled with me late into the night and just when we were about to give up, the sky exploded with color as the lights pulsed and danced in the sky.


What happens in Canada stays in Canada.... day one of vlogging with @heatonthomas @adamgibbsphoto @brenthendersonphotography &Gavin Hardcastle was.... interesting


Last lap on our adventure last week #backflipfriday 📹: @joshvandermeulen




Beautiful #morning #view of the Canadian #Rockies #Mountains #FirstTracks


Lá vou eu pelo caminho encontrar um cadeira vermelha me convidando a sentar, silenciar e contemplar a paisagem.


Being back to work has me daydreaming about #camplife in Canada. Those days were real living. Place to place without a real destination. Blue lake after blue lake. Endless Sturgill Simpson and a bit of everything else. Okay, back to work.


If only I could timelapse the whole day 🚙