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It never made sense to me how people can compare themselves to others. We are all so different how can you compare your genetic makeup or personal talents to another human's? When I see women who look good, are strong, beautiful inside and out and stand for what they believe I don't compare myself. If I see people living a lifestyle I would love to live I don't hate. It inspires me. It motivates me and gives me something to shoot for. Anything is attainable. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone has different opinions and beliefs. If you can notice the good in others you can achieve it in yourself. Coming up in a couple weeks on another year and how did you stack up to your goals for yourself this year? Did you have a plan to hit each goal? Did you evaluate yourself on how far you had come throughout the year and what you needed to do to achieve success? If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. New year coming.. time for new goals, right? Or revised past goals? Now, it's time for me to kick it up a notch. Cut off dead ends, and I'm not just talking about hair. It's time to see your own true self's potential. The first step is believing in yourself. Time to grow.


Aye, no pictures sis & I just on vacation vibing. ™️


Cuando las cosas cuestan es cuando más se disfrutan 🌴😎


Зачем мы поехали в Мексику? Конееечно за ... . БУРРИТОООО! Оказалось найти буррито 🌯 не так то просто. В ресторанах обычно подают тако, фахитасы, и ещё несколько видов того, что можно назвать «лепёшка плюс мясо», но отличить друг от друга непросто🤷🏻‍♀️. А вот буррито это типо как у нас шаурма. И продаётся она больше в уличных закусочных. Попробуем- расскажем!🤤 . 😬Сегодня днём было пасмурно, даже слегка прохладно, полагаю по фото заметно🙂, но сейчас распогодилось. Вообще очень быстро меняется погода. И очень часто. . 🤠Ну а завтра смотрите сторис. Едем в затерянный город Майя!


Hello again, Mexico!👋🏼


Tbt to the best week of my life...missing my best friend and Cancun so much 😩🌴 Finals gettin the best of me 😪



Paradise 🌎