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Some pet friendly action at Cannon. 📸: @mujersalvage


We all have a start, and an end. My start was December 1, 1999. In the future that date will be followed by another. My life will be known by the dates 1999-whenever my end date is. I can’t control that. But what I can control is that dash. That dash is my life, what I do with it and what I make of myself. LIVE THE DASH.


Im obsessed with this shoot!✨ thank you @romanpervak & @katepervak for making me feel like a princess 💕 more to come!


My favorite way to end the day


Me : planning my beachfront retirement in Oregon


Chasing Sunrise 🌅 Waking up early is never easy for me unless I’m planning on shooting sunrise the next morning. Falling asleep actually becomes the hard part because I’m so excited to go! A couple weeks back I stayed with @innatarchcape to get some shots of the northern Oregon coast and planned on shooting sunrise at Ecola State Park on my last day there. When I arrived early at the park, my card wouldn’t work in the parking permit machine so I had to turn around and race back into town to get cash. While returning to the park I noticed the beautiful pink colors in the sky that I was surely going to miss… I almost got pulled over for going 15 mph over in town But I was fortunate enough to just get a flashing lights warning. I arrived just in time to catch a few colors and some amazing light. Met some awesome people and And furthered my desire to chase more beautiful sunrises. . Be sure to follow for more PNW adventures and Photography & Editing tips! Don’t forget to leave a like and hit that save button! . Recommendations: Wear the coast 👉 @specificallypacific


Epic views at Cannon Beach 💦 Photo by: @emmett_sparling Does anyone use CBD products? 🙂


punched in and saved my first piece of writing tonight. a lot of editing and it’s kinda long. just all poured out. But felt really good. here’s a picture of a cute fox with polka dot soles. It cheers me up when I’m waiting in line to buy all my pills. Maybe that was their plan. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️



Family x Goonies Never Die


Walking to work, in the mornings, sometimes looks like this.


Cannon Beach was lovelier than I had anticipated. And no, I never took that coat off during our Oregon times because it’s really bloody cold there. 😂


Luna and Mars saying goodnight to Haystack.


I got punched in the face by sand and wind...


Day One: New galoshes. Made it to the Ocean 🌊💜🌊


“Where there is Love there is no question.” - Yogi Bhajan via @gurusingh . . . . . _____ #CannonBeach #Home #Family #Love #STS