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“For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”- #nelsonmandela Forever grateful to @naomi for giving so many of us this gift of a lifetime experience meeting with one of the greatest humans ever to inhabit this planet. 🙏🏽 #mandeladay


The final numbers are in & I’m so happy to report that thanks to your purchases and donations at the #FashionBreedAndFriends sale, we raised R25 547. With that we were able to fund the building of 3 water wells; 2 medium-sized wells, serving approximately 200 people each, and 1 smaller tube well serving approximately 35 people. The wells' construction is facilitated by @muslimhandssa, who do a phenomenal job setting up these water projects in North Africa, Pakistan and Bangladesh. If you’d like to contribute to their water projects, or commission a well yourself (they start at R3500 each), you can simply add one to cart on With almost 1 billion people in the world without drinkable water, it’s an incredible way to give back. • Special thanks goes to: @homemadeCPT who organised the entire event and our wonderful volunteers, @kelvincorner for the fantastic venue/food/services and our amazing vendors @streetlinesapparel @nalacapetown @daphne_accessories @thebeautynetworkinc @lameesromaney. Thank you to the brands who send me so many gifts; I’ll never be able to use or post about absolutely everything, and it takes a lot of strength not to hoard it all. I love that we can use those items to make the lives of others a bit easier. Most importantly, thanks to every one of you who came through and shopped and donated. This is a huge team effort and project each time, and you are part of that team. Thank you for making this a success each and every time 🥳♥️ • Images by @abdulmalickally_ & @wittleyourway


Happy birthday young man. Now can I please hang out with you in public so people assume we’re friends?!?! This will be a great benefit to my life.