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💝 Enjoy Valentines Day at Casa Luna with a specially selected shared menu of the most romantic foods to enjoy with bae. Whilst being serenaded by flamenco tunes and excerpts of Pablo Naruda's poems. 💝 • 📸 @casalunaubud Tag 👉🏼 #ubudhood to be featured. Check out our website for all our official recommendations in Ubud (link in bio).


Rehearsal untuk acara malam ini.


Bila ego sudah ada,.. Ikatan pertemanan akan menjauh.. #Introfeksidiri


When you have curls from dad and dimples from mom 🙆



When everyone runs inside so we run outside... Life is too often taken way too seriously💧miss you my fruit loop @claricelily ⚡️🌼🌈✨💖


“Moonlight and love songs never out of date Hearts full of passion, jealousy and hate Woman needs man and man must have his mate That no one can deny” - As Time Goes By - . . . Casa Luna Restaurant, Ubud, Bali | Dec 24th, 2018. @icangrahimy on guitar. @ignatiusmade on bass. @wisnupriambodo28 on drum.


Same place. Different me. #ushnashah #ubud


Pertama kali nyobain kopi pake santan lengkap dengan gula merah cair. Heboh sendiri ama sensasi minum kopi rasa es cendol, asem manis gurih gitu. . . . . Ya nasib dikampung banyak kelapa, kok ya nggak pernah kepikiran nyampur pake kopi, selalunya pake daun ubi jadi sayur, apa pisang ama labu, jadi kolak! 😅😅 . . . #bugusti365daysofhappiness #bugustijalanjalanbali #uploadkompakan #ukminumansejuk_lamongan



Мы добрались до Убуда, сил нет выкладывать фото, сил нет фотографировать, мозгу не хватает памяти и объема, чтобы охватить ту красоту, которая нас окружает; хочется вдохнуть её в себя, поглотить, или же раствориться в ней и стать частью чего-то прекрасного и великого... Убуд это не город, это та жизнь, в которую хочется ворваться и остаться тут навсегда🙏🏻 Каждый камень дышит историей, каждое дерево преисполнено молчаливого величия, воздух полон чистой благодати - невероятные ощущения для меня, как для жителя мегаполиса, но я им несказанно рада🙏🏻🌺 Кстати, именно Убуд Элизабет Гилберт выбрала для своего трехмесячного пребывания на острове, именно здесь она встретила мудрого Кетута, и смогла открыть свое сердце для любви ❤️ #travel #bali #indonesia #ubud #legs #beautiful


From rice fields to pina coladas and cooking classes Bali was amazing


Did I hear you say Donuts?!? And it’s Sunday too which means - Casa Luna Donut Sunday is here. Don’t miss out and remember buy 3 get 1 FREE! 🍩😋💃🏻 ———————————- #donuts #casalunadonutsunday #balidonuts #doughnuts #balisunday #balibible #ubudhood #balichronicles #nowbali #ubudbakery



☕️ 🥯 . . Casa Luna is one place to get amazing Breakfast and the vibe is really chill. If you are visiting Bali Ubud - this is one place you should not miss out on!


And so we said farewell to Nyoman PT (from Padang Tegal! and on my left in the photo) this past weekend. Part of the Casa Luna family since 1991, she started working alongside me at the Honeymoon Bakery at home and together we created new recipes, such as, pumpkin ravioli with kemangi pesto because I had so much pumpkin and kemangi growing in the garden. There wasn’t much pasta available back then so we always made our own and still do. Totally unorthodox to an Italian, it remains one of our most popular dishes. Our first restaurant, Lilies, had operated from 1987-1991 so we had a year off until Casa Luna opened in 1992. It was perfect timing because Dewi was only 1 years old. When Casa finally opened I dragged Nyoman out of the kitchen every Wednesday to help me with the cooking classes. ‘You mean you’re doing it again?,’ she would lament. Nyoman says she will now put her feet up at home (I asked if I could come with her!) Funnily enough, a lot of our staff have worked with us for around 20 years and most more than 10 years. They kinda like us and don’t want to leave. We’re stuck together like family and are growing old together too! But I think that says something, don’t you think? It’s our Casa after all! 🏡 ———————————— #casalunaubud #bepartofourfamily #everydaysacelebration #ubud #ubudrestaurant #insicknessandinhealth #enduring


Selamat Galungan dan Kuningan



It's a beautiful start to 2019 here in Bali. Come join me, in having a blessed New Year 💖