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Bonne journée de tournage dans les arbres avec mon petit @alcinistre 🌲🌳 #arboriste #fs700 #phantom2


Just have to say it again... Discovering beautiful castles and their history is one of my favourite thing in that job... 🏰 Organisation @lartisanworkshop / Media @stylemepretty / Styling @frenchgreyevents / Photography @maruphotography / Event production @nktevents / Venue @chateau.barthelemy


Wedding day. #stephaneetimene #onestlesprochainsquisait 😍💕🍾💐


Celebrating Love 💓🇫🇷


la famé 💖


Wedding day


M & M 💕 #bridesmaids #groomsmen #love © @maherysam


"De quoi que soient faites nos âmes, la sienne et la mienne sont pareilles" ❤️


👩‍👦🤵🏿. 0717 #bigsis #picoftheday #love #wedding #mignonjeunehomme


The final installment of the inaugural edition of the L'Artisan Workshop is now live! Featured on one of Europe's most prominent wedding blogs @hochzeitsguide, this ethereal bridal editorial will make you swoon. Link in profile! 📷 @maruphotography . . . Worksop: @lartisanworkshop | Design & Styling: @frenchgreyevents | Production: @nktevents | Boudoir Gowns: @TheLaceAtelier |Venue: @chateau.barthelemy | Floral design: @Floresie | Ribbons: @katecullenstyle | MUAH: @jesskaras | Bracelet: @artetfacts | Veils: @megantheresecouture | Ring Box: @lapetitbox | Shoes: @emmyshoes | Vow Books: @weddingstorywriter | Engagement Ring: @susiesaltzman | Pearl Earrings: @bekah_anne_accessories | Candle Holders: @vaissellevintage | Candles: @ester_erik | Calligraphy: @quillandco | Film Lab: @canadianfilmlaboratory | Film Sponsor: @kodakalaris | Videography: @meseptember


Sneak peek at the beauty to come early next week on @hochzeitsguide of our Boudoir editorial during the inaugural edition of the @lartisanworkshop in Paris! This is the third styled shoot from last year’s L’Artisan Workshop to hit a beautiful wedding blog and we are so excited that @hochzeitsguide is joining the L’Artisan Workshop II family as this year’s media sponsor! Make sure to stay tuned 💍💍 📷 @maruphotography . . . Creative team who made this happen: @maruphotography @frenchgreyevents @chateau.barthelemy @stylemepretty @tbakesatelier @anissarenko @jesskaras @quillandco @atelier_preszburger @studiopression @weddingstorywriter @fineartweddingboutique @artetfacts @katecullenstyle @bekah_anne_accessories @vaissellevintage @maison_options @floresie @nktevents @natalie_a_paris @thelaceatelier @elisehameau @kathrynbassbridal @metal_flaque @artifactuprising @mastinlabs @canadianfilmlaboratory @kodakalaris @megantheresecouture @emmyshoes @susiesaltzman @lapetitbox @studiopression @ester_erik @lapieceur @meseptember @lespetitsinclassables @jazzaroundmidnight @myrtillebeck


Eek!!! Something exciting is coming to my IG account tomorrow night, in honor of our Bridal Boudoir editorial being published early next week on our media sponsor @hochzeitsguide wedding blog! @maruphotography and @frenchgreyevents have partnered with @thelaceatelier for something really special! S T A Y T U N E D for details tomorrow the meantime here is a sneak peek at one of the lovely images to come! @lartisanworkshop 2017 Team ; Social media sponsor: @stylemepretty Creative team: @maruphotography @frenchgreyevents @anissarenko @tbakesatelier @quillandco @fineartweddingboutique @artetfacts @katecullenstyle @thelaceatelier @bekah_anne_accessories @vaissellevintage @maison_options @floresie @nktevents @elisehameau @kathrynbassbridal @artifactuprising @mastinlabs @chateau.barthelemy @megantheresecouture @emmyshoes @susiesaltzman @kodakalaris @lapieceur @lapetitbox @meseptember @ester_erik @atelier_preszburger @jesskaras @lespetitsinclassables @metal_flaque @studiopression @theweddingstorywriter @nktevents @myrtillebeck #destinationwedding #fineartweddingphotographer #contax645 #fineartwedding #weddingphotographerinfrance #workshopinfrance #womeninbiz #calledtobecreative #weddinginspiration #thelaceatelier #lartisanworkshop #fuji400 #kodak400 #hochzeitsguide #stylemepretty #weddinginspo #hochzeitsinspo #hochzeitfotografin #weddingphotography #bridalboudoir #parisweddingplanner #elopeinparis #pariselopement #modernbride #vintage #frenchbed #thelaceatelier #robe


Don't miss out on the early bird registration now open for the second edition of @lartisanworkshop this October in another gorgeous location in Paris! Want a sneak peek of the gorgeousness to come, take a look at the latest publication on @stylemepretty, link in profile! 📷 @maruphotography . . . Organisation @lartisanworkshop / Media @stylemepretty / Styling @frenchgreyevents / Photography @maruphotography / Event production @nktevents / Venue @chateau.barthelemy / Flowers @floresie / Gown @elisehameau / Ribbons @katecullenstyle / Groom attire @lapieceur / MUAH @jesskaras