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Quarter Jar- Some parts of the bands first gig!


Starting on a #gladiator painting now. Been looking forward to this one.


Whose ready for some cold weather? ✋


Lake time east coast style.. ❤️ @kaseyskastle #50


I don’t love cause that don’t last, I do what I do off the gas.


*Fun Day* . Savage -K is officially on a new race team . Today she takes the line against 15-18 year olds. Wow where did the time go? . I am so grateful for the opportunities this girl has had🚀 . How do you challenge you kids? . . . . . #fathertime #fatherfirst #fathering #fatherlove #getup #discovertheroad #lawofattraction #fittnessjourney #happycoaching #happycoachhappylife #personalgrowth #autismparents  #autismdad #happykiddo


First butcher block order filled. This one was quite fun to make. Used Wenge for the inlay portion and the same walnut,ash, maple, purpleaheart combo for the rest. #JuanStopShop


this is it. today’s the day. RIP Loretta we had a great ride. I’m gonna miss you. I’ll hold all our memories close. Because there well never be another “first car” You took me long and far. And never let me down. You drove me 45 mins home with your alternator hanging out. You helped me stead a cone off the highway. Surprisingly, you beat a subie at a race in the middle of the night in greensboro. you were there when I graduated, got married and you carried us home when we had paityn 💕 there will never be another you Loretta the 6th Gen 🖤


When dad says it’s time to go back inside, this is the face I give him😈😝 #tot #Picklebutt #saggytummy #Iusedtobe53pounds #dogsofinstagram #beaglesofinstagram #beagle #rescuedogsofinstagram


Fall is sooo close! (Well it’s here but it doesn’t quite feel like it!) our for a hike with my favorite! #dogsthathike #comeonleaves @dogsthathike


#Friday!!! What kind of dog sits like this? #housesitting #northcarolina


A couple deer tracks I found outside in our front yard after #hurricaneflorence . We’ve got a lot of deer in the woods around our house, deer and coyotes are the more common two I’ve seen. Pretty cool imho 👌🦌 #itsalmostdeerseason #deer #northcarolina


Thank you @jamiecjohnstone, @btscafe13 and @wirothenberger for the likes! Enjoy some Vmin💖💖


Thanks to all the folks that brought exciting ingredients to play with today. #ascfgturns30


A little behind the scenes from our friends and partners @smithviewfarms! We pride ourselves on makings sure we do everything to the fullest!! #foodismedicine #grassfedbeef #chathamlocal #loveyourfood #angus #gotabenc


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