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Some quick sketches with #Adobe’s #projectGemini on the #ipadpro


One of the things I catch myself thinking about a lot now that I'm posting pictures of myself on the Internet is my fashion. I've never ever cared about this. It's always something my mother would pressure me about, but she was good at eventually letting me have my own style. I know this shirt combination is not fashionable, but, I don't care. It's green and polka dots and it's what I'm wearing today and I don't have to look hip. I'm warm and I have clothes on. . . [image description: kasey standing in her bathroom wearing a green shirt with a striped texture and a grey cardigan with black polka dots, and black underpants]. . . #bodposi #bodypositivity #bodypositive #effyourbeautystandards #celebratemysize #goldenconfidence #honouryourcurves #plusisqueal #plussizebeauty #beautybeyondsize #mybodymyrules #fatbabe #fatbabes #riotsnotdiets #dietculture #plussizefashion #selfconfidence #queer #bi #bisexual #womenwithtattoos #tattoo #thingsfatgirlsdo


First time hunting story: @justnkiing took me hunting in a buddy stand. We watched two does graze in the field for about an hour. Right before dark I decide it’s now or never- well a bigger doe walks out as I go to take one of the two smaller ones. I was patient for about 15 more minutes and they wouldn’t come closer than 165-170 yards so I’m ready to take the shot. I shoot the bigger doe first and she ran so I didn’t know if I had missed or not. 33 seconds later I hit the smaller doe and she rolls around a minute and bolts. We wait 30 minutes, get down, and find the blood trails. Justin walks towards the small doe and I spot the big girl. They ran about 40 yards and dropped. My first time hunting I bag two does 33 seconds apart 165-170yards with a .260 rifle. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but it was very rewarding in the end knowing I’m putting food on the table for my family. Now to find a rack to mount. 🦌 #girlswhohunt #hunting #riflehunting


With the first #UTE done and sold, it’s time to start the second one. Can’t wait to see where this next one goes. More pictures coming soon. #fj80 #toyota #juanstopshop


sometimes I wake an hour early so I can check out His craft on my way to work // when I sense doubt, I look for a bird, park my thoughts and Matt 6v26-34


No fake nigga #tbt 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯


Having some fun with Em G C and D


Never settle for less. Always aim higher. #2018hyundaielantra


This little chick decided to make a break for it. Found her wandering around the outside of the fence trying to get back in.


Lookie here a new shop cat! Showed up last night, kinda ugly and hisses a lot but it’s all good’


The sun is out. We're alive. I love this muddy horse. #Phoenixthehorse #horsetherapy


Bored as a bitch


The idea that because I put pictures of myself on Instagram that I am asking for the kind of attention that occurs in my comments section is so baffling to me. This to me exactly illustrates the entitlement of men to consume women in anyway they want without consent. Putting my picture here is not me consenting to you telling me the things you want to do to me, for you to personally message me and demand my attention and it certainly is never permission to bombard me with pictures of your naked body. No. No. I'm telling you no and if you are going to argue with me that it's your right then your problem is you and not me. If a woman is telling you no and your response is to insist you should keep doing it YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. . . [image description: kasey standing in her bathroom with hands on her hips wearing black and white t-shirt.] . . #bodposi #bodypositivity #bodypositive #effyourbeautystandards #celebratemysize #goldenconfidence #honouryourcurves #plusisqueal #plussizebeauty #beautybeyondsize #mybodymyrules #fatbabe #fatbabes #riotsnotdiets #dietculture #plussizefashion #selfconfidence #queer #bi #bisexual #womenwithtattoos #tattoo #thingsfatgirlsdo


If you want to have a house party invite puppers....Gus, Tyler, Little Man, and the Paisley


Jumped in with my boot camp this morning for a 30 min HIIT workout and then did a full body workout in the gym where I think I used almost every since piece of equipment I own.😳😳 . Run. Jump. Lift. Eat. Walk. That’s how I roll on this beautiful Friday. . #womenwholift #strongmom #momswholift #momswithmuscle


3 DOGS IN MY BED We slept in admittedly 😴 we have an exciting day planned....


All three of my favs :) 💕


Last day with my little girl before she goes home with her Dad. Its been amazing having her back, even if for a few short weeks. I love her. The dogs love her. Hopefully this is the start of many slumber parties. #rescuedogsofinstagram #muttsofinstagram #dogsitting #pawprints #coppertop #snugglebum