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Feliz cumpleaños mi amor 🎉 @breafrank Gracias por ser tan cual eres en todo momento. Dios te bendiga y permita siempre cumplir tus más íntimos anhelos. Te amo❤️ [La Sorpresa fue este pasado Lunes] Casi muere 😂🤭🎈


When there’s cake in the conference room but you weren’t invited🧐☹️


Gastrointestinal distress - Now available in tortilla chip form! 🔥 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️


Wednesday Night Vibes featuring @may_niu uploading to @ebay & @calebralston editing episode of 2 #trashtalk. - Until tomorrow and as @logic would say Peace ✌️, Love ❤️, and Happiness 🙂.


thanks for dinner @spotify


Very out of body to see your face on a poster in New York City... I think my favorite part was the people watching me take a photo of myself with myself 😁😱🎉🙌🏽 #findthemonbumble


For the Cultura 🤟🏻 Los Diamantes Negros ( Link on Profile) @vivalatino #BridgingCulturalGaps Dimelo @zion @lennox @zionylennox Repost from @selvacity This story is one of my favorites this year and I got to go back to my lovely island! Thank you to @zion and @lennox for showing the world the beauty (and some important history) of our island! “100 x 35, but conquering the world”. | Esta historia es una de mis favoritas este año y tuve la oportunidad a volver a mi hermosa isla! Gracias a @zionylennox por mostrarle al mundo la belleza (y una historia importante) de nuestra isla! “100 x 35, pero conquistando el mundo”! | #vivalatino #spotify #puertorico #bombayplena #islandlife




Nada melhor que a terra do jazz pra fazer barulho com o meu projeto Marcelo D2 & SambaDrive ... Sábado, dia 20, Marcelo D2 & SambaDrive no Highline Ballroom em NY ... Segue o LINK no stories pra garantir seu ingresso


Fall is my favorite season. I feel most comfortable in sweaters and jeans, I’m uplifted by the crisp smell of the air, and the changing trees bring me back to the Virginian mountains. But the fall and cold weather, particularly in the city, also bring along a sadness and depression that affects me and so many of the people I love. I overheard a friend of mine with a similar experience saying, “This winter will not be last winter.” And so I’m inspired to be proactive in my mental wellbeing this chilly season. Enjoy bundling up and the smell of pumpkin candles, and remember to take time to practice self care, whatever that looks like for you. Find the sunshine, whether that means walks before sunset or by surrounding yourself with loved ones. You have control in this chilly time. You’re worth the energy it takes to love yourself.




I love the fall season. I believe it’s the time to dry up and get rid of things that no longer have/serve purpose to make space for new things/ideas to be birthed. Do you agree? 🍂 ... 🌱


Butternut squash and kale salad. A tasty healthy lunch. #palatableadventures #kalesalad #butternutsquash #chelseamarket #blackburncafe #nyc #healthyfood #healthylunch


Took this at the #phdrooftop 😍 #Pink #Neon #Love #Girly