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What a Kuksi exhibit looks like. Scene from 'Triumph' solo exhibition from 2012 @joshualinergallery #mixedmedia #mixedmediaart #art #assemblageart #assemblage #sculpture #artshow #surrealart #artexhibition


Oh hello there spicy skillet pizza! Who needs a slice? 🍕🍕


I valued my worth on the opinions of others. When I was growing up being obviously feminine and queer in my small hometown in the Florida panhandle, I was in constant fear and anxiety over what my peers and even complete strangers thought of me. “Do they know I’m gay?” “They hate me.” “They’re going to hurt me.” I would adjust my voice to sound deeper + more masc. I wouldn’t stand with my hip popped. I’d make sure I was as neutral and unassuming as possible. When I moved to Chicago for college, this lack of self worth translated into allowing men to abuse me, allowing “friends” to take advantage of me, and not speaking up for myself when I felt used or when I needed help. I worked out to gain respect from others, treated my body like shit in process, all to make others happy. When I moved to Los Angeles to act, my new roommate invited me to a yoga class. It seemed arbitrary and a little dumb to me, but I didn’t want her to think I wasn’t into it, so I went. This began a journey that I could never have imagined. Through the last four years of my yoga and meditation practice, I have developed a relationship with myself that is unwavering. My practice forces me to get to know myself; it creates a state of harmony that allows me to forgive myself and others. Now, I can be fully unapologetic how I decide to live my life, because I trust myself to make the decision that is in favor of my highest excitement, what makes ME happy, not somebody else. It took me many years, but I can say whole heartedly that I do Love myself. That I care deeply about my well being, and that I want nothing else than for others to feel the same way about themselves. 💕


All of us who have the strength to SHOW UP need to understand the power of visibility 👀You are setting an example for someone in your life who has yet to discover their greatness. Someone is watching. Your kids👩‍👦, your partner👭, your parents👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, and your friends👯‍♀️ are all watching you defy fear. When your ride, lift, run, and sweat you are proving to those you love that they ABSOLUTELY CAN. Keep showing up! Keep being an example for those in your life you want to inspire, trust me, they are SO proud of you! #onepeloton #ridepeloton


🎒🎒 @djsackmann Vs @tylerrelph10 1s go CRAZY! #hoopstudy


The team throwing out some boy band vibes


I’m your #dream 💋 but on #ovolive I’m your #reality 🔥for #uncensored 💥 version click #link in bio 😘 WHO WANNA CHAT WITH ME OR EXCHANGE PIC/video ? Double tap ✅ ph @thomas_a_photo can’t wait to our next #shoot 📸 in a few days 💃💃


looking for inspiration


Miercoles de frío intenso ! #chelsea #nyc #highline #nycsunset #beard #bearded #shortbeard COLD WEDNESDAY!


Pancaaakes ♥️♥️♥️


Snow showers are coming, right? by @elenarudenko_official 🔴 #newyorkcity #newyorkstylist


TFW two of your favorite people, who also happen to be two of your favorite #knitters make for a good time at lunch. (See my IG Live for the fun). _ But seriously drop a 🙋🏽‍♀️ if you’d like to see @kristyglassknits interview @iamlisaprice to chat about all things including #knitting! #knittersofinstagram


Here’s a selfie proving I work sometimes. Lol. First job of the year! @and1 #booked #blessed #nofilter #curls


Inmensa y perfecta, la naturaleza, De la tierra y de la raza.. #flowers #sunflower #nyc #flowerphotography #nature #brooklyn